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(4.8) Geography. The student understands the location and patterns of settlement and the geographic factors that influence where people live.
The student is expected to:Related Handbook of Texas Online articles:
A: identify and explain clusters and patterns of settlement in Texas at different time periods such as prior to the Texas Revolution, after the building of the railroads, and following World War II;
B: describe and explain the location and distribution of various towns and cities in Texas, past and present; and
  • Census and Census Records
  • Metropolitan Statistical Areas
  • SEARCH TIP: For population and growth data on specific towns or cities, type into the search box: #uw25 (population city's name). For example, #uw25 (population corsicana) will find articles that meet these guidelines, including the article about Corsicana that contains the data most helpful for population patterns and reasons for growth or decline.
C: explain the geographic factors such as landforms and climate that influence patterns of settlement and the distribution of population in Texas, past and present.

Created by Marsha Crow, Great Oaks Elementary School, Round Rock ISD, July 2001, modified June 2011.

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