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(4.17) Citizenship. The student understands the importance of active individual participation in the democratic process.
The student is expected to:Related Handbook of Texas Online articles:
A: identify important individuals who have participated voluntarily in civic affairs at state and local levels such as Adina de Zavala and Clara Driscoll;
B: explain how individuals can participate voluntarily in civic affairs at state and local levels through activities such as holding public officials to their word, writing letters, and participating in historic preservation and service projects;
C: explain the duty of the individual in state and local elections such as being informed and voting;
D: identify the importance of historical figures and important individuals who modeled active participation in the democratic process such as Sam Houston, Barbara Jordan, Lorenzo de Zavala, Ann Richards, Sam Rayburn, Henry B. González, James A. Baker III, Wallace Jefferson, and other local individuals; and

Created by Marsha Crow, Great Oaks Elementary School, Round Rock ISD, July 2001,modified June 2011.

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