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(4.12) Economics. The student understands patterns of work and economic activities in Texas.
The student is expected to:Related Handbook of Texas Online articles:
A: explain how people in different regions of Texas earn their living, past and present, through a subsistence economy and providing goods and services;
B: explain how geographic factors such as climate, transportation, and natural resources have influenced the location of economic activities in Texas;


C: analyze the effects of exploration, immigration, migration, and limited resources on the economic development and growth of Texas;
D: describe the impact of mass production, specialization, and division of labor on the economic growth of Texas;
E: explain how developments in transportation and communication have influenced economic activities in Texas; and
F: explain the impact of American ideas about progress and equality of opportunity on the economic development and growth of Texas.

Created by Marsha Crow, Great Oaks Elementary School, Round Rock ISD, July 2001, modified June 2011.

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