Planning Sheet 4

Extension activities:

    Students write a classificatory paper comparing and contrasting two of the immigrant groups. One of the Venn diagrams will be used to collect data and develop a plan for writing. The finished product needs to have correct capitalization, spelling, and punctuation. It should follow the general guidelines of a well written classificatory paper.
    Students write a letter from the viewpoint of an immigrant child from the group they researched. The letter is written to a relative who still lives in their homeland. The letter includes the following kind of information: details about what life is like in their settlement including the kind of home they live in, positive experiences and hardships, and new things they have seen or experienced like different types of animals they have seen, and new foods they have eaten, and something they miss about their homeland. The letter needs to be 1-2 pages long and include well written sentences with correct spelling, capitalization and punctuation.
    Students design and create an attractive poster like the ones which were displayed in European communities, advertising the opportunities in Texas. This needs to be constructed on 12" x 18" paper; students may use markers, colored pencils, or crayons. It should include the following: an eye catching statement or slogan, who to contact with an address (maybe an empresario), and the benefits of moving there; like fertile farmland, how much land would be received and its price, temperate climate, etc.; and the name of the settlement, and information about its general location in Texas (west of San Antonio, on the coast, etc.). Information may be written in bullet form, and needs to be spelled correctly and done neatly. A border or illustrations may be included if desired.