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Match each word with its definition.
1. ___ the plants of an area or region
a. chronology
2. ___ the state of being dry, lacking moisture
b. bison
3. ___ the arrangement of events in time
c. vegetation
4. ___ an extinct elephant once found throughout the Northern Hemisphere
d. fauna
5. ___ a distinct stage of development
e. occupation
6. ___ the animals of a particular region or period
f. phase
7. ___ an object produced by human workmanship, like tools and weapons, with historical or archeological interest
g. aridity
8. ___ the act or process of holding or possessing a place
h. artifact
9. ___ a hoofed animal of west North America, having a dark brown coat, a shaggy mane, and curved horns, buffalo
i. archeology
10. ___ the systematic recovery and study of material evidence, such as graves, buildings, tools, and pottery, remaining from past human life and culture
j. mammoths