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Lesson Plans

Grade 4
Black Gold!
The student will demonstrate an understanding of the development of Texas oil fields, by creating a chart using a spreadsheet program.
Claim Your Power
Representing a branch of the Texas government, the students will identify its powers and characteristics. Credit is also given to the State Bar of Texas, Law-Related Education.
Concentrating on Reform
The students will identify issues, events, and individuals associated with various reform movements in Texas.
Defenders of the Alamo
Students will use the Internet to discover more about those who died at the Alamo. Students will: -select one defender of the Alamo to learn more about via the Internet. -create a poster that communicates specific information about the defender they chose.
Person in a Bag
The students will identify individuals and issues involved with the Civil Rights movement.
Reconstruction in Texas
The student will demonstrate and understanding of life in Texas after the American Civil War by correctly identifying the roles of different people by evaluating their points of view. This can be done as a group or independent activity.
Texas "Paper" Leaders
The student will demonstrate the ability to complete research and interpret the information to determine leadership traits and evaluate a leader's impact and importance on Texas and American society.
To develop a timeline of the Native American presence in Texas and become familiar with vocabulary related to this topic. Students will: -become familiar with related vocabulary; -complete a timeline that shows an overview of Native American presence in Texas, according to archeological discoveries; -create a border for the timeline with the vocabulary and illustrations.
The Texas Cattle Kingdom
The student will be able to apply the information they have learned from their study of the Texas Cattle Kingdom to demonstrate their knowledge of cattle trails, cattle drives, the importance of our Spanish heritage on Texas Ranching and the significance of windmills and barbed wire.
Two-Stepping Into Colonization
To identify the accomplishments of significant empresarios the students will role play and interview each other.
Who Am I?
The students will identify important individuals associated with the annexation of Texas to the United States.
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