1. use your resources to find the following information, write bullets for each subheading
  2. you will use the information to create a travel brochure for your city/town

Design a cover – On the first page of the tri-fold brochure form, below (Region), write the name of your city/town in fancy/interesting letters, and write a one word sentence to introduce us to your city. Don't be shy, it's fine to brag some here about your town!

History – write a brief history about your city/town

Natural Attractions – use descriptive words to tell about the beauty of your city/town's setting, and illustrate

Places of interest – information about what there is to see and do there, and illustrate

Climate – the average temperature during the summer and winter, and the average yearly rainfall, and anything unusual or pleasant about the weather

Map – shows where city/town is located in Texas and the major highways which lead to it

Accommodations – (motels, hotels, bed and breakfasts) list 3 of these, include their phone numbers and 2 facts about each (may be fictionalized, but reasonable)

Restaurants – list 2, with the type of food served there, and illustrate

Persuasive for the back of the brochure – Write 2 persuasive paragraphs telling why we should come visit. Be sure to include descriptions and details which will make everyone want to come for a visit!

Your brochure needs to be spelled, and punctuated correctly, created neatly, and demonstrate good writing skills.