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CONCEPT: Students use the Internet and other sources to gather data for creating a travel brochure for a Texas city.
GRADE: 4th, could be modified for 7th
SUBJECT: history, language arts, technology
TIME FRAME: 4 - 5 class periods, transferring information to the brochure template can be done outside of class
CREDIT:Leslie Anne Aydelotte, Carol Clark, Marsha Crow, Kaye Glaeser, Lane Holmstrom, 4th grade teachers (submitted by Marsha Crow)
  Students will:
  1. use the Internet and other sources to research a Texas city.

  2. create a Texas city brochure with the information they gather.

  • Planning Sheet 1 : Travel Brochure Guidelines

  • Brochure Template: PDF formatRequires Acrobat Reader copy as a two-sided document

  • Texas City Brochure Rubric: PDF formatRequires Acrobat Reader

  • The Texas Travel Guide-available by calling 800-8888 TEX, or may be ordered online at this is a free, 264-page, full-color guide jam-packed with information on more than 400 Texas cities, towns, and attractions. Plus special sections on lakes and state parks, and accommodations with the official state highway map.

  • The Texas Almanac (source for rainfall and temperature averages, population, often found in school libraries)

  • Samples of city brochures

  1. Students choose (draw?), or are assigned a Texas city which they will research.

  2. The teacher goes over Planning Sheet 1 with students, showing some professionally developed brochures as examples. Students should receive the Travel Brochure Rubric so they are aware of the scoring system.

  3. Research is done on the Internet (see Web Links) and with the other resources on the Materials List. The teacher models taking notes in bullet format. Students use Planning Sheet 1 to guide their research.

  4. When all research has been completed, students transfer the information to the brochure template, and illustrate it.

  • READING - 4.8
  • WRITING - 4.15, 4.16, 4.17, 4.18, 4.21, 4.25
  • SOCIAL STUDIES - 4.22 4.23

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