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tanyard which was financed by Mr. B. H. Epperson and managed and run by old man Sam Hays. This tannery did quite a large business for the time, taking the hides and manufacturing therefrom saddles, harness, and quite a variety of leather goods. Mr. J. H. Wooley, now living in Red River County, hauled freight to Stephensboro from old Roland, a landing for boats coming up the Red River from New Orleans and from the mouth of the Mississippi.

Mr. J. H. Wooley and wife, formerly Miss Almittie Taylor from Shelbyville, Mo., settled in Red River County in 1867. To this union were born four boys and two girls, one child having died. They were as follows: Willie, Frank, Mabel, who married Mr. Calvin Parker, Ruth, now Mrs. Pat Rhodes, Albert Wooley, and Gordon. Albert Wooley is a very prominent business man of Clarksville and the county. Gordon Wooley is also a very prominent employee of the Red River National Bank of today.

As formerly claimed for Red River County as the mother county of Texas, I wish to state in connection therewith that the counties of Bowie, Titus, Lamar, Rusk, Runnels, Denton, Ellis and Hopkins were named for men who were formerly citizens of Red River County.

Old Red River County! The birthland of Anglo-American civilization in the Southwest! The gateway and first frontier! Romantic in history and rich in biographical literature!

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937