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Texas, and the graduate student of the Clarksville High School obtains twenty-seven points credit with the State University for the work already done.

The water supply of today in Clarksville is perhaps superior in purity to any city in the State. It is supplied by deep wells, has miles of paved streets and sidewalks. The population of today is four thousand. The rainfall is 41.04 inches and its temperature 65.1, altitude 442 feet. The county seat is located on State Highways number five and number thirty-seven, and Federal Highway number eighty-two. The city is sixty miles west of Texarkana, one hundred forty-five miles northeast of Dallas and within fifteen miles of the new oil field at Talco.

The five schools within the City of Clarksville have an enrollment of 1300 students. There are eleven churches, seven denominations, namely: Presbyterian, Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, Christian, Episcopalian, and Methodist. There are two National banks with combined deposits and assets of $900,000.

One of the oldest banking institutions of the town today was founded in 1873, then known as the Red River County Bank and now called the Red River National Bank in Clarksville, Texas. Capt. M. L. Sims, Judge R. R. Gaines, and Thomas H. Younger were among the charter members of this bank. Capt. M. L. Sims was one of the most highly respected and prominent lawyers of the City of Clarksville throughout his entire career.

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937