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Garland Geer in Alabama. They came to Jonesboro in the spring of 1836 from Franklin County, Alabama. Their children were: Emily, Sallie, who died in infancy, Benjamin, Cynthia, Jerushia, Anthony Wellington, and Missalany. [See p.142 for children's sketches.]


Among the pioneer families of Red River County there were none more prominent than the Dalbys. Among the early Dalbys was one Warren K. Dalby. His family consisted of himself and wife, Lucindy Dalby nee Davis, two brothers, J. C. Dalby and P. A. Dalby, and their mother. This family arrived at what was later Dalby Springs, right on the border between Bowie and Red River Counties. Dalby Springs was at that time a part of Red River County and was located about ten miles south of De Kalb or what was later De Kalb. This was in 1840.

They came first from North Carolina to Bedford County, Tennessee, and from thence to Texas. Warren K. Dalby, having a certificate from the Republic of Texas for 640 acres of land, had 480 acres of the land surveyed out of the public domain and upon this tract, sometime prior to 1850, they found a spring of red water which afterwards became quite a well-known health resort, perhaps the most sought-for health resort in this whole section of the country. The property afterwards became the property of the Estes's and later the springs were

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937