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Burdett was twice married but only a daughter survives him, Mrs. George W. Whiteman, of Clarksville.

He died December 31, 1905, in Clarksville, and was buried at Fairview Cemetery.


Mrs. George Finlayson Belle Burdett was one of the greatest literary scholars that ever resided in this section of the country.* She was at one time editor of the (Charles DeMorse) Clarksville Standard. Mrs. Burdett was classed among the best in literary circles. She wrote under the nom de plumes "Judy Catory" and "Sweet Brier".

This noted author and editor was born in Brooklyn, New York, March 12, 1838, the daughter of Walter and Barbara (Cooper) Finlayson.

Her father, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, came to the United States with his father, John Finlayson, in 1828, and became a successful horticulturist in New Orleans, La., and Peoria, Ill. Her grandfather Finlayson was an explorer in British Columbia and Alaska; Finlayson River and Finlayson Lake, in the Yukon region of Alaska, which he was the first white man to penetrate, were named for him. Mrs. Burdett was educated by private tutors and in 1863-66 was a teacher of
*See Life Sketch (compiled by State Historical Society of Missouri) Vol. 20. "The National Cyclopaedia American Biography."

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
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