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Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Gaines of Kentucky, was born in 1855 and came to Texas in 1877, settling at old Catonville, in Red River County. He married Miss Mary Elizabeth Collins. To them were born five children, three now living as follows: T. Herman Gaines, E. Crittenden Gaines and T. Erbin Gaines. Herman lives at Bagwell, E. Crittenden lives in El Paso County and so does H.[T.?] Erbin Gaines.

In 1879 Tom Gaines settled at Bagwell, where he now lives. He was gone from Red River County for nine years. During this time he lived in western Texas, but he returned to his old home in 1933. His grandmother's mother was a sister of Robert E. Lee of Virginia. The subject of this sketch soon will be 81 years of age. He has been identified with the best interest and development of Red River County on the side of morality and all civic improvements. To him and such men of the citizenship of Texas we owe a lasting memory and tribute.

[The Lewis Igo Family]

A. C. Igo, the son of Lewis Igo, was born November 8, 1872, near Madras, in Red River County. He married Miss Ella Henry. To this union were born six children. Pauline married Cecil Barton, Howard married Miss Maude Grant, Agnes married Frank Miesch, Sally married Mr. Giles, Homer married Winnie Weaver, and Harry has never married.

[The Henry Stout Family]

Henry Stout had only two children, Celin Stout, hereinbefore mentioned [not found], and Bill Stout. Bill Stout was never married. Celin Stout married

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937