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there. He later moved to Texas, and lived near Kiomitia at the "Billy Geer Tanyard". Their children were, Benjamin and Mit.

Benjamin Geer married Jeannette Moore at Addielou, Texas.

Mit Geer married and lived at Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


The Patterson's first lived in North Carolina. They moved to Evansville, Indiana. Mr. Patterson married in Indiana, and had one child, Joseph Patterson, later came to Texas and lived with his brother, I. H. Patterson. He was buried at "Billy Geer Graveyard". His second marriage was in Indiana. His children were Isaac Hudson and Daniel.

Isaac Hudson Patterson was born August 10, 1823, near Evansville, Ind., at Boonesville. He came to Texas in 1842 with the Hargraves and settled near Sulphur Bluff, Hopkins County. He then moved to "Old Cork", now part of the Wright Plantation. He served four years in the Civil War, was in Captain Eb. Titus' company. He and Mr. Berry Burge were great friends during the war. He first married Jane McCarter.

One daughter, Mary Patterson, married James Garrett at Kiomitia. They lived at Detroit. Their children were: Addie, who never married, Lulu, who died in childhood, Ella Jane, Mittie, Ell [Hopkins], and Myrtle. Ella Jane Garrett married John W. Patterson. They lived at Kiomitia. Mittie Garrett married J. Taylor at Manchester.

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937