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Oscar Gray's daughters[?] married a Mr. Walker. Their children were: Oscar Walker, Sam, Jessee, and Sallie.

Amanda Gray married John Kerbow at Clarksville. Their children were: John, Elizabeth and Sallie.

Jessee Gray served in the Civil War. He married Martha Simms and lived at Clarksville and Bagwell.

One of Dickson's daughters married a Mr. Boyers. Their son, Robert Boyers, married Mittie Carter in Tennessee. They later moved to Paris, Texas. Their children were: Lee, Edwin, Morris, and Ida.

J. W. Dickson married Abigail Latimer in Tennessee and moved to Texas in 1833 with the Latimers.

[The Geer Family of Alabama]

Jane Geer Patterson, the grandmother of Miss Ethel Stanley, of Clarksville, always said the Geers lived in Alabama during the revolution. A Mr. Geer married in Alabama and his children were [1] Garland and [2] William Geer.

[1] Garland Geer was born in Alabama in 1800. He married Permelia Reed [See also p.113, p.222] and moved to Jonesboro, Texas, in April, 1836. He made salt by boiling water from a spring in a large iron pot. He died in 1846. His children were: Emily, Sallie, who died in infancy, Benjamin, Cynthia Jane, Jerushia, Anthony Willington, and Missillany.

Emily Geer married Robert Hill at Ft. Towson and lived at Kiomitia. They had one daughter, Isabella Hill, who married Freland Bridges and lived at Greenwood, Arkansas. Their children were: Robert, Ellen, Phelix and John. Robert Bridges married and lived at Winnsboro, Texas.

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937