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old man. He had been a soldier in the American Revolution and had fought in the Battle of Utah Springs. Mrs. Isabella H. Gordon often said that Benjamin Clark was very firm in his religious beliefs, being a Methodist minister. His sons were: Benjamin [II], John, Gilbert, Jim [James] and David. The daughters were: Mrs. Philip Duty, whose granddaughter, Mrs. Stan Smith, now lives near Lanes Chapel; Mrs. Richard Duty, Mrs. Artie Hunter, Mrs. Tilmon Patterson and Mrs. Isaac Lyday of Fannin County.

The family stayed in Arkansas but a few years when they crossed Red River and lived first at Jonesboro, now known as Davenport, and then at the present site of Clarksville.

One of the sons, John, was never married. He became a colonel in the U. S. army and assisted in the movement of the Indians from their homes east of the Mississippi River to their new reservation north of Red River and 20 to 22 miles north of the present site of Clarksville. One peculiar characteristic of John Clark that Grandmother Gordon often spoke of was that one of his eyes was deep blue and the other brown.

The Clarks were all related to the Hopkins family of northeast Texas for the reason that James Clark married Isabella Hanks, formerly Miss Hopkins, and Nancy, the daughter of Gilbert Clark[*], married Richard M. Hopkins.

Gilbert Clark was appointed by President David G. Burnet judge of justice for this part of the Republic of Texas, and his name may

[* Or daughter of Benjamin Clark (p.112)]

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937