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marriage were: Mrs. Gertrude Grant, Melvin, L. R., W. P., Mrs. Joe Garland, Tobe, Tony, and Mrs. R. N. Johnson. Russell Lawson's [Latimer's] second wife was Mrs. Lizzie Gibson (formerly Miss Gattis), and their children were: John, A. D. (Dickson), William, who was drowned many years ago in Red River at Pecan Point; Zora, who married Mr. Henry of Texarkana and now lives in California; Mary, the wife of Joe Darnall; Betsy, the wife of Col. John H. Dyer, who settled at Mill Creek for a while and owned the Mill Creek Ferry.

James Wellington Latimer, in company with Swindle, many years later established the Dallas Herald.

Jane B. Latimer, who later married David K. Jamison, was also the mother of John L., James K. P., and George C. Jamison; Susan [assuming Susan Latimer], the first wife of William Fulton; Samuel C., who died while serving in the Confederate army; Mrs. Buena Vista Payne; Mary, who married Rev. J. E. Walker of Gorman, Texas; Mrs. Lou Alice Durfee, the wife of Brad Durfee; Laura Bell, wife of John Porter, and Dixie, who died in 1862. Susan married Harvey Shelton.

James Latimer with his family first settled four or five miles east of Clarksville at a place called Round Grove. The land afterwards became the property of E. M. Bowers. The next year this pioneer family moved to the Latimer old home place three miles northeast of Clarksville, and lived there the remainder of his life. Many of the descendants are still living on this land.

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937