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subscribers, inhabitants of the Township of Washington in said county humbly sheweth:

That your petitioners (peticioners) labour under great inconveniences for want of a road or highway to lead from Jonesboro or the court house to the settlement at Pecan Point, leading in the direction to the County of Lafayette. Your petitioners therefore pray your honors to appoint proper persons to view and lay out the same according to law and they will ever pray.
Ben R. Milam
James Ward
Wm. Slingland
David Myers
Wm. B. Revere
John F. Kelar
Jessey Kitchens
Joseph Porter
Eldridge Hopkins
Samuel Burkham
      Richard M. Hopkins
A. G. Reed
Lewis Hibbard
Wynan Salefield (?)
James Clark
James E. Hopkins
James H. Groce
B. S. Dendy (?)
G. W. Wright
James H. Johnston

Benjamin R. Milam
summons for a jury
John Morton

Come to hand the 4th of
June, 1835.
      E. Frazier, D. Shff.
      R. M. Hopkins, Shff.
        Justices cost .50
James E. Hopkins
      Wm. H. Hopkins
Benjamin Tipton
Jacob Gragg
John Tisdale
Wm. Browning
Wiley Langham
Robert Trammel
Asa Jarman
Wm. Criger
John Barkham
Jacob Barkham
Joseph Levins
Joshua Robbins
Wm. C. Ingram

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937