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so as the face of the country will recommend to the edge of the Sulphur Fork Prairies, from thence a direct course to the settlement where Mr. Gragg now resides. We humbly beg your consideration on this important matter and pray for the appointment of commitioners to view and mark out and report the same according to Law.
John Roberts
John Gragg
Samuel Gragg
Jacob Gragg
B. S. Tipton
Peter Tumlinson
T. G. Wright
G. W. Wright

      G. D. Royston
B. C. Steele
George Bason
B. C. Fowler
J. J. Ward
Joshua Robbins
Joseph Levens
Commissioners to View Road

Served the within on the within
named James Ward, Jessee Morren,
John Robbins and George Wright,
by leaving a copy of the same
with them March the 15, 1833.
Servis     99.0
Mileage   40     (?)
R. M. Hopkins Shff.   499
Filed July 15th, 1833.
N. G. Crittenden.
County Court of Miller County.
January Term, A. D., 1833.

On motion it is ordered that James Ward, Jessee Morin, John Robbins and George Wright be appointed commissioners to view and mark out a road leading from Jonesboro (to) Pecan Point and that they report their proceedings at the next term of this Court.

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The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County
Pat B. Clark   1937