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Transcription --------------------------------------------------------------

Pierson, J.G.W.          Company of Volunteers
[John Goodloe Warren]    Enlistment Jun 30, 1836
                                 Jul 14, 1836  [A10]

Start of Transcription (literal, 76 char wide)==============================

              Company Roll

J G W Pierson        Capt
Joshua Hadley        1st Lieut
A.G. Perry           2nd Lieut
B.B. Goodrich        Surgeon for Company, Sick on the way to head quarters
Thos. J. Robertson   Ensign (substitute for James Addams
Peter Fleming        Orderly Sergt
Benjamin Johnson     2nd    do
John H. Pierson      3rd    do
Michael Kennard      4th    do (substitute for A.D. Kennard, Senr
------- --------
William Spurgeon
Edley Montgomery
William Brooks
William McCoy
A.D. Kennard Junr
Washington Clary
Levi Taylor
John Marlin   (absent without my permission)
A.G. Gholson
Samuel Burton
Thos. Harual
Joel Greenwood
Williford Cartwright
John M. Grayham
Zoraster Robertson  (substitute for Robert Ray)
Robert Mackentire
William C. Moody
James Jones
Rufus Grimes
John Early
Reden Roberts
Thos. Early
Clabson Laurence
John Goodbread
Leroy Boggus      (enroled on the 8th July 1836

Matthew Cartwright  |
William Cartwright  |  Served three Months
Wm. Mcmin P. Nuner  |    14th July 1836

Geo. P. Diggs       |
Peter Whitiker      |
William Moffett     |
Eli Chandler        |    Volunteered on the 30th June 1836
D.W. Holtzclaw      |    Failing to Reach headquarters
Caleb Wallis        |    this 15th July 1836
White,              |
Jacob Shan          |        True Copy of a Muster Roll of date
L. Ramy             |          July 14th 1836
Geo. Allen          |                        JGW Pierson [1]

Reverse --------------------------------------------------------------------

    Muster Roll of
    Capt Pierson Co.
    July 14th 1836

End of Transcription =======================================================

Transcription Notes:

  -  On plain sheet of paper.
[1] Capt's signature, according to Mr. Edwin G. Pierson, Jr., a descendant
    of Captain J.G.W. Pierson, personal communication 1996.
  -  Transcribed from microfilm [A10] by H.D. Maxey, June 1997.

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