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Transcription ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hubbell, H. A.           Company
   [Henry]               [3rd] Regt.
                         [Brig. Gen. Green Command]
                         Time: D.W.
                                 May 18, 1836  [A10]

Start of Transcription (literal, 89 char wide)===========================================

                              ENLISTMENT ROLL FOR TEXAS

                      Capt. Hubbells  ================  Company

 WE, the undersigned, have joined the standard of Texas, and agree to serve the period
 below mentioned, and we will obey the orders of the Officers appointed over us, accor
 ding to the Rules and Articles of War, and the Regulations of the Army of the Republic
 of Texas. Service to commence on the 18th May 1836.
     During the War                                 During the War

Capt. H. A. Hubbells                            . George Legg
1st Lieut. James Z. Hughes                      . Edwd. Velasco
2nd  Do    C. A. W. Fowler                      x Chas. Irwin
  Seargant Saml. Humberstone                    x Pat Lynch
     Do    Henry C. Kitchen                       Henry Vantassel
.    Do    John Scroggy                         . Chauncey West
.    Do    H. Miles                               James L. Dicky
. Corporal W. Hagler                     Fifer  x Emelious Savage
x    Do    Anthony G. Davy                        Wm. Keyser
     Do    Warren Burgess                       . John Footman
.    Do    Chris Walter                           John Smith
  Bliss H. Garvin                               . James Crabtree
. Benj. G. Washburn                               R. C. Doome
. John McGindly                                 x John Lewis
. Thos. Casey                                     John McDermot
  Thos. Rowley                                    Andrew Dorsherman
. W. S. Brown --- Drummer                         Thos. Hancock
x John A. Reid                                  . Thos. Russell
. Wm. Ramsey                                    . Wm. Leimen
. J. Whitworth                                  . Wm. Roach
  L. F. Marguerette                             x John Solberg
. N. Comer                                      x Peter Gas
  Wm. McIntire                                  x George Holtzman
. Wm. Snape                                     x John Rockwell
. H. F. Holt                                    . Chester Jackson
. John Wells                                    . Robert L. Beggs
x Joseph McGinnis                               . Thos. Speakman
  John Brown                                    . Saml. Johnson
. Saml. P. Kusicker
. M. Smith               H A Hubbell [1]               56 Total
. Thos. Winfrey             Capt                        2 Musician
. Chas. M. Hyde                                         3 Officers
x John Riley                                        -----
                                                       61 Total

End of Transcription ====================================================================

Transcription Notes:

 -  Printed Enlistment Roll form
 -  All in same handwriting, small "x" in front of some names,
    small dot "." in front of others.
[1] Capt's signature, same as on a court martial report of Jun 5, 1836 [A10].
 -  Transcribed from microfilm [A10] by H.D. Maxey, June 1997.

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