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Bradley, John M.         Volunteers from Tunahan District,
                         at Bexar
                         (capture of San Antonio Dec 10, 1835)
                 [Oct 17, 1835 - Dec 12, 1835]
                  Wm. T. Austin certification  [A2, Section C]

Start of Transcription (literal, 72 char wide)==========================

Muster roll
                   Muster roll of
                   Capt Jno M Bradley's
                   Co. ant San Antonio

  26 1/4

         The State of Texas  |
         County of Galveston |        I, William T.
         Austin do solemnly swear, that I was Aid
         de Camp to General Stephen F. Austin, and
         subsequently to General Edward Burleson
         Commander in Chief of the Volunteer Army of
         Texas on the Campaign Against San Antonio
         de Bexar in the Autumn and Fall of 1835.
         Which campaign ended by the Capture of
         San Antonio on the 10th of December of that
         year. I further swear that the paper hereunto
         annexed, and across which I have signed my
         name, is the original Muster Roll of Captn.
         John M. Bradley's Company, serving in said
         Campaign against San Antonio de Bexar, and
         the same Roll reported by said Captn. John
         M. Bradley in person on the 12th December 1835.
         I further swear that said Roll contains the
         names of all the officers and men belonging
         to said Company at the Capture of San
         Antonio, that the same was withdrawn
         by me from the Camp Records, and has never
         been out of my possession since - So
         Help Me God.
                             Wm. T. Austin

         Sworn to and subscribed before me, at
         my office in the City of Galveston this 17th
         day of December A.D. 1856.
                          In testimony Whereof I
                          hereunto set my name and
                          impress of my Official Seal
                          the day and year aforesaid
         [Seal attached]
                                A.F. James
                                  Not. Pub.

End of Transcription ===================================================

Transcription Notes:
 [ ] Notes added to transcription.
   - Transcribed from MUSTER ROLLS #1 1850, Texas General Land Office,
     Austin [A2], photocopy, H.D. Maxey, 10/17/97.

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