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Parker, G.A.             Company [of Volunteers]
                         [Brig. Gen. Green Command]
                         Time: 3 mo
                          (Des)  Jun 12, 1836  [A10]
   COMPANY                                REPUBLIC RECORDS

Anderson, Charles
Armstrong, Geo. W.
Armstrong, John
Brimer, Christopher       [Beimer in T1][1]
Clements, John
Cobbs, James L.  (3 Sgt)
Coursey, John A.
Deadman, Wm. S.  (1 Cpl)  [Wm. L. Deadman in T1][1]
Derson, Cheophele
Dowess, Isaac  (2 Cpl)
Duff, James L.  (1 Sgt)
Fowler, Samuel
Fox, John B.
Gass, Alexander
Gittmr, Jacob
Gorman, James S.  (4 Cpl)
Gwatney, Newsom
Howell, Henry
Hunter, Isaac T.
Johnston, M.A.
Livingston, E. E.         [Edward in T1][1]
Longley, McCambell
Lyon, Henry
McKinzey, Wm. S.  (2 Sgt)
Moore, John M.
Norton, Jacob H.  (1 Lt)  [Morton in T1][1]
Norville, Wm. S.          [Willis in T1][1]
Palmer, David D.          [Parmer in T1][1]
Parker, G.A.  (Capt)
Paschal, F. L.  (2 Lt)
Pointer, John
Powell, Edward  (3 Cpl)
Robertson, Jacob
Rodgers, Wiley  (4 Sgt)
Starks, G.
Thompson, Charles
Tuttle, Elias
Williams, Henry B.


[1] List of volunteers, Jun 12, 1836, T1 p.250


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