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Hays, William Rufus C.   Company, enlisted Galveston
                         3rd Regt.
                         [Brig. Gen. Green Command]
                         Time: 3, 6 mo, D.W.
                         Enlistment from Apr 20, 1836
                          (Des)  May 18, 1836  [A10]
   COMPANY                                REPUBLIC RECORDS

Arledge, Saml. C.
Banks, V.                  [Vincent in T1]
Booker, F. C.  (1 Sgt)
Boone, Henry
Bowers, Samuel  (1 Cpl)
Burney, N. Y.
Chapman, Henry
Conley, John
Davis, David T. (2 Cpl)
Denson, Archibald
Dickson, Davo. H.  (1 Lt)  [David in T1]
Doughuty, David            [Dougherty in T1]
Dulin, Gerard
Ferrela, William           [Feraba/Ferala in T1]
Hall, C. I./J.
Hammonds, Hewy             [Hugh in T1]
Harris, Manual
Hays, Wm. Rufus C. (Capt)
Hedderick, Conrad
Hughes, Edward
Hull, Oliver
Jack, James
Jones, Francis
Kennedy, F. I./J. (2 Sgt)
Lindheimer, F./T.
Malone, John  (4 Cpl)
McKinzie, Peter
Nobles, Sanders L.
Parkerson, Millard M.      [Parkenson in T1]
Passanno, Francis
Peoples, John H.
Shull, David A. (3 Cpl)
Stanley, Charles
Tennant, James
Thenstedt, C.N.
Todd, John  (4 Sgt)
Tremmell, John C.
Welling, J. B.  (3 Sgt)    [Jno. in T1]


- See later rolls [T1 p96-97, p115-116]

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