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Fairchild, Hiram         Company [of Volunteers]
                         from Natchez and New Orleans
                         (Brig. Gen. Green Command)
                         Time: 6 mo, D.W.
                         Enlistment from May 7, 1836
                          (Des)  Aug 5, 1836  [A10]
   COMPANY                                REPUBLIC RECORDS

Armor, Saml.
Beard, James
Bostick, J.H.
Bowman, G.W.
Bratt, Daniel
Calquhoun,                    [Angus Colquhoun in T1][1]
Capun, G.W.  (1 Cpl)          [Capern/Capem in T1][1]
Clute, Jno.
Davenport, W.
Douglass, R.
Fairchild, Hiram  (Capt)
Foley, M.B.
Foster, W.W.
Frances, J.P.                 [Francis in T1][1]
Fuller, B.P.
Giddings, N.B.
Glass, T.J.
Hand, D.P.  (1 Sgt)
Harper, Alex
Harris, Jno.
Johnson, W.  (3 Sgt)
Jones, Thomas
Kelly, Robt.
King, S.C.
Knox, J.D.
Lafayette, John
Lupton, W.
Mallett, Lewis
Middleton, Robt.
Miller, Thomas
Miller, William  (3 Cpl)
Neatherly, Saml.              [Neathiels/Neathril in T1][1]
Nobles, W.H.  (2 Cpl)
Nolan, John  (4 Cpl)
Pratt, Thomas  (1 Lt)
Sanders, H.P.  (4 Sgt)        [Saunders in T1][1]
Simms, Burrill                [Burris Sims in T1]][1]
True, J. Phillip  (2 Lt)
Tuton, W.S.                   [Tooten in T1][1]
Twomey, W.                    [Toomey in T1][1]
Wade R.W.
Watkins, Saml.
Welsh, Edward                 [Welsch in T1][1]
Williams, R.R.  (2 Sgt)
Woodruff, E.C.


[1] Later roll of Capt. Pratt, Aug 31, 1836, T1 p.95-96.


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