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Allen, [James]           List [partial company?]
                                 Aug 17, 183[6]  [A10]

Research Notes:

The list of Capt. Allen's Co., made for some unspecified reason, does
not appear to encompass his entire company as of Aug 17, 1836.

As shown in the comparison below, there were 25 men in Allen's Co. of
Jun 26, 1836, not in this Aug 17 list, that must have still been in
Allen's Co. on Aug 17 because they were later among those split into
Hart's Co. and McLure's Co.  (The date of the split needs to be
confirmed by another source.)

Comparison of Allen's Co. List from T.J. Green Papers and three Rolls
from T1 (1986 DRT book):

  Allen's Co.                 Allen List      Hart's Co.     McLure's Co.
 Jun 26, 1836                Aug 17, 1836    Oct 29, 1836    Oct 31, 1836
 [T1, p85-87]                 [A10, T.J.    [T1, p118-119]  [T1, p123-124]
                             Green Papers]     ("h")            ("m")

Allen, James                Allen (Capt.)
Cornwall, Hiram H. (1 Lt.)  Cornwell (1 Lt.)                      m
Alston, James (4 Sgt.)      Alston   (Sgt.)                       m
Morehead, Jno. T.           Morehead  (Cpl.)     h

Armstrong, James C.         Armstrong (Pvt.)     h
Brent, J.P.H.               Brent                h
Cherry, Cabin (Calvin)      Cherrey
Campbell, Michl.            Campbell                              m
Coghill, T.                 Coghill                               m
Drennard, C. (Muscn.)       Drenen               h
Dunn, James                 Dun                  h
Dellon, J.T.                Dillan               h
Haynes, Chs.                Haines                                m
Holmes, Edwd. W.            Holmes               h
Harmond, John               Harman                                m
Hiner, Henry                Hiner                                 m
Henderson, D.S.             Henderson                             m
Hall, J.H.                  Hall
Jones, Joshua               Jones                h
Langlais, F.L.              Langlies             h
Lewis, F.                   Leivers              h
Littel, M.                  Little
Lee, A.A.                   Lee                                   m
Wyley (Nyley), Isaiah       Wiley (Musn)                          m
Nichola (Nichols), P.       Nichloa              h
Smith, R.T.                 Smith                                 m
Smaith, John                Snaith                                m
Reed, R.                    Reed                 h
Tobin, R.B.(R.)             Tobin                h
Whitelock (Whitlock), John  Whytlock                              m
                            Way                                   m
Oiler, John                 Oiler                                 m
Adanath, S.(L.)S.           Odanath              h

McClure, John (2 Lt.)                                             m
Hart, Wm. C. ( 1 Sgt.)                           h

Abbott, R.A. (2 Sgt.)                                             m
Atorff, Joseph
Bayle, Joseph
Benson, J.                                                        m
Benson, T.
Bisbee, J.
Bowell (Borrell), J.C.
Camp, J.C.                                       h
Cresap, T.A.                                     h
Eggleston, M.L. (Muscn.)
Fraser, Alex.                                                     m
Gifford, R.                                      h
Gillespie, J.F.
Handlin, T.
Hard, O.
Hearn, F.(T) B.                                  h
Hill, Thomas                                     h
Hubbard, L.                                                       m
Johnson, E.R.                                    h
Judson, T.H.
Lenkenhoger, G.W.                                h
Levenburg, C.                                                     m
McDonald, A.                                                      m
Norris, Isaac                                                     m
Peck, A.M.                                                        m
Pilant, G.B.                                                      m
Plumer, H.                                                        m
Port, Jno. T.
Rout, Henry P.
Sansbury (Sansberry), J.
Shirley, John                                                     m
St. Clair, J.                                                     m
Stramler, G.W.(M.)                               h
Tremper, J.A.                                                     m
Wallace, J.P.
Warfield, Hammond (3 Sgt.)                       h
Weaver, Lewis G.                                                  m
Williams, J.S.

Rank and File:   72           33                26               35


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