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Walker, William          Company of Volunteers
                         "for the purpose of Guarding this
                         place and others on the Brazos"
                         "did not serve three months"
                                 (no date)     [A3; T1 p127-128]
Adams, H.H.
Adams, Thomas J.
Ally, Abraham
Baker, David D.
Barnes, William
Baylor, J.W.
Berrey (Berry), William B.
Bowman, Thomas
Burns, John
Carey, Seth
Cavenna, Charles
Chaney, John
Cholwell, Gustavus
Clarke (Clark), J.C.
Cole, Gabriel
Cooke, Wm. G.
Damon, Saml.
Davis, Samuel
Dolley, S.
Dowdy, Richard
Etherton, Daniel
Fisher, William H.(M.)
George, David
George, Freeman
George, Holmon
George, Jefferson
Gilbert, Jasper
Gilbert, Preston
Greer, Benjamin
Hale, J.C.
Hall, Elisha
Huff, John
Hunter, W.
Hurst, George
Jackson, A.
Johnson, John B.
Jones, Timothy
Kelsey (Kelsy), L.
Kelsy (Kelsey), A.
Marshall, John J.
Mercer, Reason
Miller, John F.
Moore, James (1 Lt)
Moore, James [2nd]
More, Elisha
Nelson, James
Newman, W.R.
Northington, Andrew Jr.
O'Connor, P.B.
Oena, Richard
Osborn, John L.
Osborne, Thomas
Peck, Nicholas
Rault, George H.
Reed, Nathaniel
Renchalow (Renchalm), Augustus S.
Renchols, Lewis
Robinson, Jesse
Rowles, James
Schwatz, John
Scott, Levi
Selerigg, David
Silverey, James
Silvey (Sylvey), J.Y.
Slaughter, Thomas
Stilt, James H.
Sutherland, George
Thatcher, George W.
Thompson, Isham
Thompson, James
Usher, Patrick
Walker, William (Capt)
Whitaker, John C.
Whitson, Benjamin
Williams, George W.(G.)
Worthington, Andrew
Wright, G.W.
Wright, Rayford
Wright, Thomas
Mason, C. (C.C.W.D.)
 [1] Names on transcribed roll. For dates of enrollment, service, death,
     or other remarks, see transcribed roll in MUSTER ROLLS OF THE TEXAS
     REVOLUTION, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Austin, 1986 [T1].
     "In parentheses will be noted any difference of initials or spell-
     ing of surnames that appeared on the Muster Roll Indexes" (of the
     Texas General Land Office).[T1]
 [2nd] Second occurrence of name on roll.
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  Alternate spelling for index
Berry, William B.
Clark, J.C.
Fisher, William M.
Kelsey, A.
Kelsy, L.
Renchalm, Augustus S.
Sylvey, J.Y.
Williams, George G.

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