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Swingle, A.              Galveston Fusileers
                         [Manning the steamer Lafitte to inter-
                         cept Mexican transports]
                                 Mar 10, 1842  [A13; T8 p591]
     Dep: [Galveston, Deckrow's Landing, Live Oak Point, Copano,
          Black Point, Corpus Christi, San Luis, Lamar]
Banks, William J. (1 Cpl)
Barr, William E.
Bates, Thomas
Baumelein, C.T. (Dr., Surg)
Beatson, Robert
Berger, J.P. (2 Sgt)
Blakeman, Elijah
Blue, Uriah
Brown, Henry
Bryant, Charles G. (O.S.)
Butler, Jonas
Byrne, William C.
Cody, A.J.
Cole, James P. (1 Lt)
Cooke, W.M.
Darrough, John L.
Davis, John
De Young, John
Dyer, Isadore (4 Cpl)
Farish, Oscar (2 Lt)
Geisendorf, F.M.
Grant, J.C.
Groesbeck, J.D. (3 Cpl)
Halsey, R.M.
Hancock, Jesse
Hannay, R.M.
Hinton, Samuel
Hoffman, Charles
Hoofmeister, H.H.
Hopkins, Math (4 Sgt)
Hopkins, Thomas J.
Howard, Robert H. (3 Sgt)
James, Alfred F.
Johnson, William
Jones, Gustave
Jones, James A.
Kelly, Peter
Ketchum, J.D.
Kneeland, J.W.
Lawrence, Charles
Mansy, John
Matson, J.W.
Merriman, F.B. (3 Lt)
Metz, George
Myers, L.S.
Nye, Alvin
Padget, James
Peacock, John
Powell, Charles
Rains, George C.
Reed, John W.
Reed, Richmond W.
Rigley, John
Serbon, G.G.
Shaw, J.C.
Smith, Henry M. (2 Cpl)
Southwick, Stephen
Stephens, J.C.
Sweeney, William R.
Swingle, A. (Capt)
Sydnor, John S.
Teal, S.B.
Van Sickle, Stephen
Walton, John H.
Whiteman, Thomas
Williamson, Marcus
Wilson, W.B.
Winfrey, Phillip

 [1] Names on transcribed roll. For dates of enrollment, service, or 
     other remarks, see transcribed roll in ATTACK AND COUNTERATTACK:
     The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1842, Joseph Milton Nance, University
     of Texas Press, Austin, 1964.[T8]

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