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Pierson, J.G.W.          Company D, Mier Expedition
                         Col. William S. Fisher Comm.
                                 Dec 26, 1842  [A1]
                     (Remarks to Mar 25, 1843)
     Dep: Mexico
   COMPANY NAMES                         BRIEF NOTES*

Alexander, A.W.
Ariett, George                   CG, George Erath on Nance list[1]
Bidler, John
Boswell, R.P.
Chalk, Charles
Harris, Robert
Hughs, Frank
Humphreys, Jacob
Jones, Wiley
Lyon, John
Maxwell, P.M. (O.S.)
McFall, Samuel
Moore, Wm. H.
Oldham, Thom                     CG
Oldham, William
Owens,                           CG
Pierson, J.G.W. (Capt)
Porter, Elisha
Rice, James O.
Roberts, Christopher
Runyan, A.J.
Scott, William
St. Clair, William
Sullivan, Daniel
Thompson, J.N.M.
Thompson, Thos. A.
Yocum, Jesse


Santa Anna, (Gen)
Hill, [John Christopher]

  * - see TRAN file for more details
 CG - Camp Guard, East Bank of Rio Grande

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  Alternate spelling for index [1]

Alexander, Anthony W.
Erath, George Bernard
Bideler, John
Boswell, Ransom P.
Chalk, Whitfield
Harris, Robert W.
Hughes, Francis (Frank)
Humphries, Jacob J.
Jones, Wiley Martin
Lyons, John
Maxwell, Peter Menard (1 Sgt)
McFall, Samuel C.
Moore, William H.
Oldham, Thomas
Owens, John
Pierson, John G.W. (Capt)
Porter, Elijah R.
Roberts, Christopher M.
Runyan, William J.
Scott, William Y.
St. Clair, Caleb
Sullivan, Daniel C.
Thompson, Jasper N.M. (O.S.)
Thompson, Thomas A.
Yocum, Jesse

 [1] Nance, Joseph M., DARE-DEVILS ALL; The Texan Mier Expedition,
     1842-1844, Archie P. McDonald, Ed., Eakin Press, Austin, Texas,
     1998. Appendix: Mier Expedition Personnel, pp. 463-481.

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