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Patton, William H.       4th Company, Columbia Company
                         2nd Regt. Texas Volunteers
                         San Jacinto List
                         Col. Sidney Sherman Command
                     Apr 21, 1836 - Aug 5,1836 [A3; T1 p219-222]
     Dep: San Jacinto Battle, Columbia on Brazos (charge of
          President Santa Anna)
Aldridge, W.B.
Alexander, M.H.
Atkinson, M.B.
Bailey, A.
Ban, Robert
Barkley, J.A.
Bass, A.W.
Baylor, _____ (Dr.)
Beard, A.J.
Bell, Geo.
Benton, Jesse Jr. (Lt)
Bledsoe, George L. (Cpl)
Bostick, Levi T.
Bostick, Sion
Boyd, Jos. C.
Bradley, James
Breedlove, A.W. (2 Sgt)
Brennan, William
Brown, William R.
Buckler, Henry
Butler, Geo.
Campbell, Rufus T.
Carmack, A.
Carson, John P.
Chance, Samuel
Chenoweth, J.M.
Childs, Lewis L.
Click, Andrew J.
Coffman, E.G.
Correy, J.F.
Coxs, E.M.
Curtis, Hinton
Davis, Jesse K.
Davis, T.
Denman, Holdin
Devinneyr, N.J.
Dunham, D.T.
Durst, E.M. (4 Cpl)
Durst, Edward
Durst, J.G.
Durst, Patrick Y.
Durst, Richard B.
Ellerson, M.
Foster, J.W.
Gallahee, Edward
Grice, L.B.
Griffith, _____
Gustine, Leml. (Dr.)
Haggard, W.H.
Hall, James
Hardiman, W.
Harmon, Clark M.
Harper, Peter
Harris, James
Harris, Temple C.
Hayr, James
Hazon, Nathl.
Heck, Chas. F.
Hendricks, W.
Heny, Thos.
Hodge, Robert
Hope, P.
Ingrane, Allen
Jack, Wm. H.
Jarvis, A.P.
Kergon, A.D.
Lockhart, Washington
Loonis, Geo. Washn.
Mather, E.
McCormick, Joseph
McGarcy, W.
Montgomery, R.
Morris, E.
Murphree, David (1 Lt)
Murphy, Daniel
Neely, James H.
Noble, B.F.
Patterson, E.
Patton, C.R.
Patton, St. Clair
Patton, William H. (Capt)
Peanyhouse, W.J.
Phillips, Sidney
Pickering, J.
Pierce, W.J.C.
Pleasants, George
Rector, Claiborne
Rector, E. Gerry
Rector, Pendleton (2 Lt)
Ripley, P.
Robinson, E.
Scott, James W.
Scott, P.B.
Shane, Charles
Smith, B.H.
Smith, Ben F. (Maj)
Smith, John (1 Sgt)
Smith, Thomas
Spillman, Jas. (4 Cpl)
Stowfer, _____
Swearengen, Samuel
Swearingen, V.W.
Sweeney, Thos.
Sweeney, Wm. E.
Tardy, A.J.
Taylor, Creed
Taylor, J.B.
Tollett, Wesley
Varner, Martin
Walmeet, F.
Warnock, James P.
Weathered, F.M. Jr.
Weathered, Francis M. Sr.
Weathered, William
Whitaker, J.M.
Whitehead, B.
Wilcox, Ozwin
Williams, E.
Willoughby, Leipee (2 Cpl)
Wilson, Jas.
Winfield, W.
Wright, George
Fannin, _____ [Col]
Houston, _____ (Gen)
Miller, _____ (Comm)
Rusk, _____ (Gen)
Santa Anna (President)
Slaughter, Richard F. (J.P.)
Ward, _____ [Lt Col]
Wilson, James C. (Commissioner)
 [1] Names on transcribed roll. For dates of enrollment, service, death,
     or other remarks, see transcribed roll in MUSTER ROLLS OF THE TEXAS
     REVOLUTION, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Austin, 1986 [T1].
     "In parentheses will be noted any difference of initials or spell-
     ing of surnames that appeared on the Muster Roll Indexes" (of the
     Texas General Land Office).[T1]
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