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McFarland, Thomas S.     Texas Volunteers [San Augustine Co.]
                         "List of Texas Volunteers in 1836
                         Thomas S. McFarland's Company"
                         (two lists)
                         (association not given)
                                         1836  [A8; T1 p251-253]
Allen, Phillip J.
Anthony, Roddy
Augustin, H.W.
Barnes, Moses
Bennet, Miles
Bennet, Stephen
Bissell, Theodore
Blair, John
Border, John
Bridges, James
Bridges, Ross
Brown, Hiram
Brown, Reuben
Brown, Squire
Burliston, J.A.
Caldwell, Andrew
Caldwell, Robert W.
Carson, John
Cartwrigt, Thomas
Caveniss, Jeremiah
Chumley, A.
Collins, Geo.
Cransdale, Abram
Curry, Wiley
Daniel, Wm.
Davis, E.K.
Davis, Edward
Davis, George W.
Davis, Pleascent/Pleasant
Davis, William M.
Doyle, _____
Earthman, James
Erwin, Phillip I.
Evans, _____
Ewing, Wilson E.
Flowers, James E.
Foster/Fortner, Lewis N.
Francis, Wm.
Frazier, _____
Galloway, Peter
Garret, Claiborne (1 Lt)
Gilbert, John
Grigg, John
Haile, Jonas
Hardiman, John M.
Harvey, B.W.
Hemphill, Augustus
Hemphill, Lafayett
Hendrick, Edwin
Hendrick, Henry
Hendrick, John
Herrin, Jacob
Hill, David
Horton, Henry
Hunt, Charles S. (2 Lt)
Hunt, Thos.
Irwin/Irvin, Josephus
Jackson, E.
Jefferson, Thos.
Jessup, Curtis
Jessup, Curtis [2nd]
Johnson, Frances
Kuykendal, Abraham
Kuykendal, James
Kuykendal, William
Laban/Labor, Thos.
Lagow, Thos.
Landers, Levi
Lawhon, John C.
Linville, David
Love, James
Lucas, George C.
Lucas, John
Lucas, Saml. M.
Malone, Thomas W.D.
Martin, G. S.
McCarron, William
McFarland, S.P.
McFarland, Thomas S. (Capt)
McGaughby/McGuaghby, Benjamin
McGehie, _____
McGeunis/McGennis, John
McKey, Edwin
Miller, Simpson
Miller, Solomon
Miller, William
Millican, Andrew A.
Mitchell, James A.
Moore, John
Moss, James
Nash, John D.
Nash, William
Norvell, Lipscomb
Parker, Benjamin
Parker, John
Peterson, Oliver
Prather, Freeman
Rainer/Rainor, S.M.
Ramsdale, George
Reeves, Green B.
Reiley/Riley, Bernard
Schults, C.
Shelton, James
Sims, Bartlet S.
Spears, John
Spillers, James
Spillers, William
Stephens/Stevens, Corbet
Stephenson, John B./P.
Tapp, _____
Terry, Jesse
Thomas, Jackson
Thomas, Shadrack D.
Thomas, Theophilus
Thomas, W.S.
Ursery, Geo. W.
Ursery, Wade P.
Ussery, H.
Ware, Alexander
Watts, William
Welch, William
Wells, Samuel
White, Robert
Wood, R.D.
 [1] Names on transcribed roll. For dates of enrollment, service, death,
     or other remarks, see transcribed roll in MUSTER ROLLS OF THE TEXAS
     REVOLUTION, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Austin, 1986 [T1].
     "In parentheses will be noted any difference of initials or spell-
     ing of surnames that appeared on the Muster Roll Indexes" (of the
     Texas General Land Office).[T1]
 [2nd] Second occurrence of name on roll.
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  Alternate spelling for index
Cartwright, Thos.
Davis, Pleasant
Fortner, Lewis N.
Irvin, Josephus
Labor, Thos.
McGennis, John
McGuaghby, Benjamin
Rainor, S.M.
Riley, Bernard
Stephenson, John P.
Stevens, Corbet

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