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Kimbro, William          Northwest Beat [Texas Militia]
                         [San Augustine Co.?]
                                   (no date)  [A8; T1 p249]
Anderson, H.
Anderson, H. [2nd]
Andrews, Bailey
Beck, John
Bodine, Oliver H.
Bowman, Joseph
Burditt, Allen
Burditt, Giles H.
Burditt, Jesse
Burditt, N.
Burditt, William
Caldwell, John
Cole, James
Cooper, John
Crane, Ambrose Esq.
Crane, Joel
Crane, T.
Davis, A.M.
Davis, James
Davis, Saml.
Dunn, James
Dunn, Wm. H.
Ellison, J.L.
Ellison, Thos.
Fowler, Robert B.
Garrett, Milton
Garrett, Thos. D.
Garrett, Wm.
Green, David
Hall, Hutson
Halloway, Simpson
Hamilton, N.
Hardiman, B.
Harman, J.
Henrie, Joshua W.
Holeman, S.
Holerman, William W.
Howard, J.
Howard, William
Jordan, John
Kimbro, William (Capt)
Kirby, George
Kirby, J.
Knighen, John
Kuykendal, Robert
Logan, Fleming
Lumpkin, William
Nations, Joseph
Odell, Benjamin
Patterson, John
Payne, W.H.
Riddle, John
Rule, Solomon
Simpson, D.
Smith, Wm.
Steadham, Sam
Teal, George
Townsby, Jack A.
Ward, John
Watson, William
Whetstone, Peter
Wilson, William
Wood, C.
Yancy, A.
 [1] Names on transcribed roll. For dates of enrollment, service, death,
     or other remarks, see transcribed roll in MUSTER ROLLS OF THE TEXAS
     REVOLUTION, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Austin, 1986 [T1].
     "In parentheses will be noted any difference of initials or spell-
     ing of surnames that appeared on the Muster Roll Indexes" (of the
     Texas General Land Office).[T1]
 [2nd] Second occurrence of name on roll.
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