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Johnson, C.[Chauncey]    San Antonio Company taken at San
                         Antonio [by General Woll & taken to
                         Perote], [Woll Campaign]
                         [John C. Hays Comm.]              
                  Sep 11, 1842 - Mar 24, 1844  [A1; T8 p600-603]
     Dep: San Antonio, Perote Castle, San Juan Tetiohuaca
Allen, Isaac      
Alsbury, H.A.
Beck, Truman B.
Booker, S.
Brown, Edward   [2]
Brown, James H.
Bugg, William (2 Lt)
Colquhoun, L.
Crews, J.A.
Cunningham, J.R.
Dalrymple, John
Davis, D.J.
Elley, A.
Fitzgerald, A. (1 Lt)
Forester, John
Glenn, S.
Gray, F.S.
Hancock, Thomas
Harbert, N. (4 Sgt)
Hatch, George C.
Hutchinson, A.
Jackson, Riley
Johnson, C.[Chauncey] (Capt)
Jones, William E.
Lee, John (3 Sgt)
Lehman, John
Leslie, A.F.
Maverick, Samuel A.
McKay, Francis
Morgan, David
Morgan, J.C.
Neighbors, R.S. (1 Sgt)
Neill, Andrew
Nobles, S.A.
Nowell, Samuel
O'Phelan, William H.
Ogden, D.C.
Perry John
Peterson, C.W.
Rapier, M.L.B.
Riddle, John
Riddle, Wilson
Robinson, James W.
Schaeffer, George
Smith, John
Stone, Samuel
Trapnall, J.C.
Trueheart, James L. (2 Sgt)
Twohig, John
Van Ness, George
Voss, George
Young, John


Santa Anna, (Gen)
Thompson, [Waddy] (Gen)
Carrasco, Jose Ma[ria] (Col)

 [1] Names on transcribed roll. For dates of enrollment, service, or 
     other remarks, see transcribed roll in ATTACK AND COUNTERATTACK:
     The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1842, Joseph Milton Nance, University
     of Texas Press, Austin, 1964.[T8]
 [2] Same man is on the roll of Capt. W. D. Burnett. See online
     Republic Claims, file 20500078.pdf.

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