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Ingram, John             Company of Volunteers
                         1 Regt. 1 Brig.
                         Col. E. Morehouse Command
                         Term: 3 Mo.
                         Enlistment from Jul 4, 1836
                                 Sep 1836      [A3; T1 p79-80]
Albright, Alexr. F.
Ballard, John P.
Barrett (Bennett), John
Bridges, Henry
Byerly, _____
Cadle, Joseph
Clopp, _____
Cochran, _____
Condon, Philip (Lt)
Deniskivith, Peter
Dlaski, Thomas
Dunlap, _____
Dymouski, John
Este, Nathan
Fredeugues, Aman
Friedlander, Wm.
Gamble, Arthur
Hardin, _____ (1 Lt)
Harrison, _____
Hawkins, _____ (1 Sgt)
Hawley, William
Hays, Patrick (2 Sgt)
Holshouse, _____
Hoyt, Cornelius G. (1 Sgt)
Ingram, John (Capt)
Jones, B.F.
Laughlan (Langham), Melvil (Melvin)
Lowe, _____
Marvin (Marven), Seth
McLellan (McClellan), _____
McMahan, _____ (2 Lt)
Miller, Chas. W.
Myer, _____
O'Couski (O'Comski), Melchior
Otterville, William
Rancoski (Ranconski), Vincent
Sanders (Saunders), John
Sangster (Songster), Robert
Sewell, John N.
Sewell, Louis D.
Shumiski (Shumski), Anthony
Smith, Joseph
Stephenson, Ira
Stephenson, Jared J.
Theodoski, Theodore
Walter, John
Weniski, _____
West, Jefferson
Whelan, Pascal
White, Isaiah
White, _____
Williams, John
Williams, _____
Wilson, _____
 [1] Names on transcribed roll. For dates of enrollment, service, death,
     or other remarks, see transcribed roll in MUSTER ROLLS OF THE TEXAS
     REVOLUTION, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Austin, 1986 [T1].
     "In parentheses will be noted any difference of initials or spell-
     ing of surnames that appeared on the Muster Roll Indexes" (of the
     Texas General Land Office).[T1]
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Bennett, John
Langham, Melvil (Melvin)
Marven, Seth
McClellan, _____
O'Comski, Melchior
Ranconski, Vincent
Saunders, John
Shumski, Anthony
Songster, Robert

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