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Everett, Jack R.         Company B, Mobile Alabama Volunteers
 [John R.]               [Gen. James Davis Comm., T.A.]
                         Term: 6 Mo.
                         Enlistment from Apr 1, 1842       
                                 Apr  1, 1842  [A1; T8 p610-611]
     Dep: Galveston, [Copano, Aubrey and Kenney Rancho,
Anderson, Peter 
Beaumont, W.D.
Birmingham, N.H. (2 Sgt)
Boon, Thomas W.
Brackenridge, R.
Briggs, W.R.
Carr, John 
Cassedy, Bernard
Cassedy, James
Chapin, Eli P.
Cochran, Peter
Cooper, Thomas
Croghan, Samuel
Donaldson, D.D. (3 Sgt)
Eaton, Pearl
Ensminger, Daniel
Everett, C.E.
Everett, John R. (Capt)
Fleeson, I.N. (2 Cpl)
Fleeson, W.B. (4 Cpl)
Furman, A.
Gallaher, Charles
Glasscock, J.A.
Hagle, George
Heath, J.P.
Hoffer, John
Hopkins, F.
Hudson, C.B.
Hugo, Simon
Jackson, W.T.
Janerette, Thomas D.
Johnston, J.P.
Loper, M.
Marsh, J.H. (3 Cpl)
McFearson, W.
McNair, G.L.
Mills, Thomas P. (2 Lt)
Minton, S.F.
Mosely, W.A.
Nelson, W.A.
Odair, John
Peterson, Charles
Peterson, Oliver
Porter, Asa
Ratcliff, E.S. (1 Lt)
Rover, T.F.
Rowen, A.L. (4 Sgt)
Sayre, W.B. (1 Cpl)
Smith, J.C.
Studley, F.W.
Terrell, Richard
Terry, S.P.
Thompson, J.W. (1 Sgt)
Thrall, Eli
Toomer, W.A.
Vabler, W.D.
Vandergriff, Earl
Wallis, John
Williamson, George


Oliver, Robert (Chf Clk)

 [1] Names on transcribed roll. For dates of enrollment, service, or 
     other remarks, see transcribed roll in ATTACK AND COUNTERATTACK:
     The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1842, Joseph Milton Nance, University
     of Texas Press, Austin, 1964.[T8]

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