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Eastland, William M.     Company B, Mier Expedition
                         Col. William S. Fisher Comm.
                                 Dec 26, 1842  [A1]
                     (Remarks to Mar 14, 1844)
     Dep: Mexico
   COMPANY NAMES                         BRIEF NOTES*

Alley, George W.                 CG, "Allen" on Command by Co. List
Ambrose, M.                      CG
Barber, James
Bell, Thos. W.
Bissel, Theodore                 CG
Blackburn, J.D.
Blanton, J.P. (2 Sgt)
Bowman, Philip F.
Brown, Richard
Buckman, Oliver (4 Sgt)          CG
Clarke,                          CG
Clopton, Wm. A. (2 Lt)
Coffman, E.J.
Cox, Thos. W. (1 Lt)
Davis, William
Dunbar, William
Dunham, Robt. H.
Eastland, Wm. M. (Capt)
Gibson, William
Grubbs, Francis                  Roll corrected to "Friendly Grubbs"
Hanna, A.B.
Harrison, F.W.T.
Hays, Lewis
Hedenburg, A.D.
Hill, Asa
Hill, Charles
Hill, J.B.
Hill, J.C.
Holderman, Allen K.
Holton, Wm. S.                   CG
Hudson, David                    CG
Jackson, Edward B.
King, R.B.
Marlow, Edward                   CG, "Martin" on Command by Co. List
Mathews, Alexander
McGinley, John
McLeyea, William
Middleton, Benoni
Middleton, William
Morgan, J.D.
Nealy, John
Nelson, Thoms. K. (3 Sgt)
Oats, H.H.
Randolph, Perry
Rodgers, Mark M.
Saunders, L.
Sellers, Harvey
Sergeant, Carter
Sergeant, William
Shepherd, J.L.
Smith, Donald
Smith, Robert
Tanney, John
Ury, James
Vanvacton, D.H.
Vincent, E.A.                    CG
Williams, Levy
Wilson, James
Wilson, Z.
Wing, W.C.
Wyatt, John P. (1 Sgt)


Grubbs, Friendly
Santa Anna, (Gen)

  * - see TRAN file for more details
 CG - Camp Guard, East Bank of Rio Grande

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Allen, George W.         
Ambrose, M.             
Barber, James
Bell, Thomas W.
Bissell, Theodore         
Blackburn, John L. D.
Blanton, James J. (2 Sgt)
Brown, Richard    
Clark, Henry               
Clopton, William Anthony (2 Lt)
Coffman, Elkin G.
Cox, Thomas Washington (1 Lt)
Dunbar, William
Dunham, Robert Holmes
Eastland, William Mosby (Capt)
Gibson, William
Hanna, Andrew Barry
Harrison, F. W. T.
Hedenburg, Abraham D.
Hill, Jeffrey Barksdale
Hill, John C. C.
Holderman, Allen S.
Holton, William S.         
Hudson, David               
King, Richard Baxter
Martin, Edward             
McGinley, John
McLeyea, William J.
Middleton, William Benjamin
Morgan, John Day
Nealy, John H.
Nelson, Thomas King (3 Sgt)
Oats, Harbert H.
Randolph, Perry D.
Rogers, Marcus M.
Sanders, Leonidas
Sellers, William Harvey
Sergeant, William
Shepherd, James L.
Smith, Robert H.M.C.
Taney, John
Van Vechten, D.H.
Vincent, E.H.          
Williams, Levi
Wilson, James
Wilson, Zaccheus
Wing, Martin Carroll

 [1] Nance, Joseph M., DARE-DEVILS ALL; The Texan Mier Expedition,
     1842-1844, Archie P. McDonald, Ed., Eakin Press, Austin, Texas,
     1998. Appendix: Mier Expedition Personnel, pp. 463-481.

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