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Bogart, Samuel           Company [Spies]
                         1 Regt. South Western Army
                         Col. Jas. R. Cook Comm.
                         Campaign returnee's marked with "R"
                         Enlistment from Sep 25, 1842      
                    Enlistment - Nov 15, 1843 [A15; T8 p626-627]
     Dep: [San Antonio, Camp Cooke, Somervell Campaign]

Adams, H.A.
Ashmore, John (2 Sgt)
Atkinson, John
Ayres, F.W.
Ayres, William P.
Bailey, Thomas (3 Cpl)
Barker, T.S.
Bates, Wm.
Bell, T.W.
Bennett, S.G.
Bogart, Samuel (Capt)
Brookshire, A.S.
Brown, Wm.
Campbell, John
Chamberlain, B.W.
Charles, Rufus (1 Cpl)
Cheek, B.S.
Clemmons, L.C.
Cody, W.B. (3 Sgt)
Crawford, C.W.
Crawford, J.W.
Day, Henry (2 Cpl)
Dean, W.B.
Dickson, John M. (1 Lt)
Dobson, T.
Edney, N.J.
Foster, J.W.
Giddings, J.D. (1 Sgt)
Gilleland, Wm.
Harbour, G.W.
Helfer, H.H.
Hendricks, S.B. (2 Lt)
Hood, Thos.
Ivy, John
Jones, Dan R.
Kemp, E.H.
Kinne, James
Knight, James
Marshall, J.T.
McDade, John A.
McIntire, Wm.
Middleton, T.W.
Mitchell, John
Payne, John
Price, Williamson
Rutledge, T.P.
Santy, W.A.
Sherwood, John E.
Smith, T.J.
Stephens, John M.
Stevenson, J.B.
Stubling, J.A.
Temple, W.A.
Trimmier, John
Trimmier, Thos.
Walker, Edward
Woodward, W.H.
Young, Charles


Cook, Jas. R. (Col)

 [1] Names on transcribed roll. For dates of enrollment, service, or 
     other remarks, see transcribed roll in ATTACK AND COUNTERATTACK:
     The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1842, Joseph Milton Nance, University
     of Texas Press, Austin, 1964.[T8]

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