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Bennett, Joseph          List of Nominations, Rangers
  (Col. Comm.)           Regiment of Rangers, Texas Militia
                         [Nominated by Pres. Sam Houston on
                              May 31, 1837][2] [A7; T1 p247-248]
Anthony, Thomas J. (2 Lt)
Bennett, Joseph (Col)
Bowyer, John M. (Capt)
Burrus, James (2 Lt)
Clapp, Elisha (Capt)
Clark, John (Capt)
Craddock, John R. (Capt)
Dick, Michael (2 Lt)
English, George (Capt)
Fitch, Ben F. (2 Lt)
Good, Hannibal (Capt)
Goodloe, _____ (1 Lt)
Gossett, J. (1 Lt)
Hopkins, James E. (2 Lt)
Horton, Alexander (Lt Col)
Jouitt, Thomas (1 Lt)
McGhee, John G. (Maj)
Pearson, J.G.W. (Capt)
Perry, James (Capt)
Peters, Richard (1 Lt)
Pettus, Edward (2 Lt)
Ragsdale, Robert (2 Lt)
Robinson, George W. (2 Lt)
Strickland, James (2 Lt)
Swisher, Milton (1 Lt)
Syer, John H. (Capt)
Taylor, J.M. (2 Lt)
Thomaston, William (1 Lt)
Thompson, A.B. Van Ben (1 Lt)
Thompson, Hiram (1 Lt)
Walker, Claiborne (1 Lt)
Walker, John (Schea) (1 Lt)
Wilkerson, James A. (Capt)
 [1] Names on transcribed roll. For dates of enrollment, service, death,
     or other remarks, see transcribed roll in MUSTER ROLLS OF THE TEXAS
     REVOLUTION, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Austin, 1986 [T1].
     "In parentheses will be noted any difference of initials or spell-
     ing of surnames that appeared on the Muster Roll Indexes" (of the
     Texas General Land Office).[T1]

 [2] "The men were nominated on May 31, 1837, by President Sam Houston 
     to serve in the Regiment of Mounted Gun Men. Houston's letter to 
     the Senate of the Republic of Texas can be found in SECRET JOURNALS 
     OF THE SENATE, REPUBLIC OF TEXAS, 1836-1845, E. W. Winkler (Ed.),
     Austin: Austin Publishing Co. 1911, pp. 59, 60." (Personal letter
     from E. G. Pierson, Jr., July 18, 1996.) Date appears also in the
     biography "Pierson, John Goodloe Warren", by E. G. Pierson, Jr. in
     The Handbook of Texas Online, Texas State Historical Association.

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  Alternate spelling for index
Ben Thompson, A.B. Van (1 Lt)
Van Ben Thompson, A.B. (1 Lt)
Walker, Schea (1 Lt)

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