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Dr. Joseph H. Barnard's Revised Roll of Fannin's Men


A list of men in Fannin's Command, made by Dr. Joseph H. Barnard, Asst. Surgeon of the Division, and sent to J. C. Duval by Dr. Barnard's daughter, Mrs. Fannie Hardeman. See text.

A literal transcription by the Editor from a photocopy of the handwritten original in the Texas State Library and Archives. See transcription notes at bottom of this page. (See also roll in alphabetical order.)

[ ] - Editor's notes added to transcription.

                       Letter on roll; purpose not given.
Leaf 1 ==================v=================================================
                            a                                           1

                            A List of the men under the
                            command of Col. J. W. Fannin,
                            who were in the battle of Encinal
                            del Perdido, on the 19th March
                            1836 and of those under the command
                            of Lieut. Col. William Ward,
                            who were with him at the
                            battle of the Mission del Refugio
List of men in              13th March 1836.
Fannin's Command
made by Dr. Joseph H.    W  J. W. Fannin,         Col. Commanding.
Barnard Asst Sur-           William Ward,         Lieut. Col.
geon of the Division -      Warren Mitchell,      Major Georgia Battallion.
Sent me by his dau-         Benjamin C. Wallace,  Major Lafette Battallion.
ghter Mrs. Fannie                      Chadwick,  Adjutant.
Hardeman.                W  J. S. Brooks,         Adjutant.
         J. C. Duval        Gideon Rose,          Sergeant Major
                         T  David I. Holt,        Quarter Master
                         S  Joseph E. Field,      Surgeon.
                         S  Joseph H. Barnard,    Surgeon.

                            Georgia Battallion
                            Warren Mitchell,      Major

                            Capt. King's Company
                            Aaron B. King,        Captain.
Georgia Battallion          Samuel Anderson,      Sergeant.
                            George W. Penney,       do.
                            J. H. Callison,         do.
                            Wm. R. Johnston,        do.
                            J. C. Humphries
x3-1-1                              Gibbs

Leaf 1, verso -------------------------------------------------------------

                            J. C. Stewart.
                            H. H. Kirk.
                            L. G. H. Bracy.
                            T. Cooke.
                            James Henley.
Georgia Battallion          Jackson Davis.
                            Gavin H. Smith.
                            R. A. Toler.
                         S  Benj. Oldum.
                         S  Francis Dedrick.[2] Dietrich [3]
                         E  F. Davis.
                            J. Colegram.
                            Snead Leadbetter.
                            Wm. S. Armstrong.
                            Joel Heth.
                                   Johnson                    23.

                            Captn. Bullock's Company
                         E  F. M. Hunt,           1st Sergeant.
                            Bradford Fowler,      2nd   do.
                            Allison Arms,         3rd   do.
                            James B. Munson.      1st Corporal.
                            T. S. Freeman,        2nd   do.
                         E  S. T. Brown,          3rd   do.
                            G. M. Vigal,          4th   do.
                         T  Joseph Andrews.
                            Isaac Aldridge
                         T  Wm. S. Butler
                         S  J. H. Barnwell
                            George W. Cumming.
                            Wm. A. J. Brown.
                            Jos--- Dennis.  [1]

Leaf 2 --------------------------------------------------------------------
                            c                                           2

                            Michael Devreaux.
                            Charles Fine
                        S   Pierce Hammock
                        T   Saml. G. Hardaway.
                            Prury H. Minor.
                            John O. Moore.
                        S   Benj. H. Mordecai.
                            John Moat.
                            R. McKenzie
                        T   L. T. Pease
                            Robt. A. Pace
                            Austin Perkins
                            Saml. Rowe
                        S   Jno. T. Spillers
                            Jno. S. Scully
                        S   Thos. J. Smith
                        S   Thos. Stewart.
                            Jas. A. Stovall   [6]
                        T           Tresevant
                        S   Wm. L. Wilkerson
                            Jas. M'Cay   [5]
                            Moses Butler
                        W   A. H. Osborne #                   41
                            J. Bridgeman  [2]

                            # Note. Osburne was wounded at
                            the battle of the Mission, and was
                            left there. I believe he escaped


Leaf 2, verso -------------------------------------------------------------

                            Captain Jas. C. Winn's Company.
                            Wiley Hughes,    1st Lieut.
                            Danl. B. Brooks, 2nd   do.
                            Anthony Bates,   1st Sergeant.
                            John S. Thorn,   2nd   do.
                        S   J. H. Callaghan  3rd   do.
Georgia Battallion          Wesley Hughes    4th   do.
                            John Gimble      1st Corporal
                            Walter W. Davis  2nd   do.
                            Abraham Stevens  3rd   do.
                            J. M. Powers     4th   do.
                                  Ray              do.
                            John Aldridge
                            John M. Bryon
                            Michael Carroll
                            Thos. H Corbys   [4]
                            John Ely
                            George Eubanks
                            Dominic Gallaglie
                            Wilson Helms
                            Grier Lee
                            Joseph Loving
                            Alexr. J. Loverly
                        T   Martin Moran
                            Aaron S. Mangum
                            Watkins Nobles
                            John M. Oliver
                            Patrick Osburn
                            William Parvin
                            Gideon S. Ross
                            Anderson Ray
                            Thomas Rumly
                            William Shelton
                            James Smith

Leaf 3 --------------------------------------------------------------------
                            e                                           3

                            Christopher Winters
                            Harrison Young
                            Josias B. Beall
                        T   Jno. Bright
                            Reason Banks
                            H. Shults                         39

                            Captn. Wadsworth's Company      v
Georgia Battallion          Thos. B. Reese,   1st Lieut.    v
                            J. L. Wilson,     2nd   do.     v
                            S. A. J. Mays,    2nd Sergeant. v
                        E   Saml. Wallace,    3rd   do.     v
                        x   J. H. Neely       4th   do
                            James M'Sherry    1st Corporal  v
                            J. S. Brown       2nd   do.     v
                            J. B. Murphy      3rd   do.     v
                      x T   George Rounds
                            William Abercrombie  v
                            T. H. Barton
                            J. H. Clark
                            W. J. Cawan   [5]
                        S   E. Durrain
                            J. A. Foster
                            Joseph Gamble
                            F. Gilkerson
                            William Gilbert
                        S   Thomas Horry
                        S   A. J. Hitchcock
                        T   Allen Ingram
                        S   John P. C. Kennymore
                            J. H. Moore
                            C. C. Milne
                        T   M. K. Moses


Leaf 3, verso -------------------------------------------------------------

                            J. B. Rodgers
                            R. Slatter
                            J. H. Sanders
                            W. S. Turberville
                            E. Wingate
                        T   H. Rodgers                        31

                            Captn. I. Ticknor's Company
                            Memory B. Tatom       1st Lieut.
                            Wm. A. Smith          2nd   do.
Georgia Battallion      S   Edmund Patterson      1st Sergeant
                            Nicholas B. Waters    2nd   do
                        T   Richard Rutledge      3rd   do
                            Saml. C. Pittman      4th   do
                        T   Joseph B. Tatom       1st Corporal
                            James C. Jack         2nd   do.
                            Perry Reese           3rd   do
                            Thomas Reeves         4th   do
                            Thomas Weston,        Musician
                        S   D. Greene
                            John M'Gowen
                            David Johnson
                            Samuel Wood
                        S   Wm. Welsh
                            Isaac N. Wright
                            Wm. L. Alston
                            Washington Mitchell
                            Stephen Baker
                            Henry Hasty
                            Jas. A. Bradford
                            Cornelius Rooney
                            Seaborn A. Mills
                            Cullen Canard   [5]

Leaf 4 --------------------------------------------------------------------
                            g                                           4

                            James O. Young
                            Edwd. Fitzsimmons
                            Hezekiah Frost
                        T   C. F. Hick
                            O. F. Leverett
                            Wm. Comstock
Georgia Battallion      S   John O'Daniel
                            Charles Lantz
                            Evans M. Thomas
                            A. M. Lynch
                            G. W. Carlisle
                            Layton Allen
                            Jesse Harris
                            Wm. P. B. Dubose                  41

                            King's -    23
                            Bullock's - 41
                            Winn's      39
                            Ticknor's   39   [2]
                            Wadsworth's 31
                            Ticknor     41                 = 175

Leaf 4, verso -------------------------------------------------------------

                            Lafayette Battallion
                            Benjamin C. Wallace,    Major

                            Captn. Shackleford's Company
                            Jack Shackleford           Captain
                                  Francis              2nd Lieut
                            Fortunatus S. Shackleford  Orderly Sergeant
Lafayette Battallion        J. D. Hamilton             2nd   do.
                            A. G. Foley                3rd   do
                            T. M. Short                4th   do
                            H. H. Bentley              1st Corporal
                            D. Moore                   2nd   do.
                            J. H. Barkley              3rd   do.
                            A. Winter                  4th   do
                            P. H. Anderson
                            Joseph Blackwell
                            Z. M. Brooks
                            G. W. Brooks
                            F. W. Burts
                            E. Burbidge
                            J. N. Barnhill
                            Wm. Bayhaye (deserted)
                            W. C. Douglas
                            J. W. Cain
                            D. Cooper
                            Harvey Coxe
                            Seth Clark
                            J. G. Coe
                            S. Connor (lost on express)
                            Alfred Dorsey
                            G. L. Davis
                            H. B. Day
                            ----- Dickson   [1]

Leaf 5 --------------------------------------------------------------------
                            i                                           5

                            J. W. Duncan
                            R. T. Davidson
                                  Derritt  (deserted)
                            J. E. Ellis
                            Saml. Farney
Lafayette Battallion        Robert Fenner
                            Joseph Fenner
                            Jas. G. Ferguson   [6]
                            E. B. Franklin
                            M. C. Garner
                            D. Gamble
                            Wm. Gunter
                            J. E. Grimes
                            Wm. Hemphill
                            John Hyser
                            John Jackson
                            H. W. Jones
                            Jno. N. Jackson
                            John Kelly
                            E. Ludington  (deserted)
                            Daniel A. Murdock
                            John H. Miller
                            W. Simpson
                            J. N. Seaton
                            W. J. Shackleford
                            B. Strunk
                            F. W. Savage
                            James Vaughn
                            W. E. Vaughn
                            Robert Wilson
                            James Wilder
                            Wm. Quinn
                            Henry L. Douglas                  64


Leaf 5, verso -------------------------------------------------------------

                            Captain Duval's Company
                            B. H. Duval,          Captain
                            Saml. Wilson,         Lieut.
                            J. Q. Merrifield,       do
                            G. W. Daniel          Sergeant
                            J. S. Bagly             do.
Lafayette Battallion        E. P. G. Chisem         do.
                            W. Dickerson            do.
                            N. B. Hawkins         Corporal
                            A. B. Williams          do.
                            A. H. Lynd              do
                            R. C. Brashear          do
                            T. G. Allen
                            J. M. Adams
                            J. F. Bellows
                            Wm. S. Carlson
                            Thomas S. Churchill
                            Wm. H. Cole
                            John C. Duval
                            H. M. Dawnman   [5]
                            John Donohoo
                            George Dyer
                            John Holliday
                            C. R. Heaskill
                            Q. P. Kimps
                            A. G. Sermond
                            Wm. Mayer
                            J. McDonald
                            Wm. Mason
                            Harvey Martin
                            Robert Owens
                            R. R.

Leaf 6 --------------------------------------------------------------------
                            k                                           6

                            L. S. Simpson
                            C. B. Shaine
                            L. Tilson
                            B. W. Toliver
                            J. Q. Volkner
Lafayette Battallion        John Van Bibber
                            S. Van Bibber
                            Wm. Waggoner                      44

                            Captn. Pettu's Company
                                   Pettus         Captain
                            John Grace            Lieut.
                            E. S. Heath           Sergeant
                            Wm. L. Hunter           do.
                                   James            do.
                            Samuel Riddell          do.
                            E. J. Carriere
                            Allen O. Kenney
                            James P. Riddle
                            F. H. Gray
                            George Green
                            Charles Sergeant
                            Wm. G. Preusch
                            John Wood
                            Dennis Mahoney
                            Noah Dickinson
                            George M. Gilland
                            George Noss   [7]


Leaf 6, verso -------------------------------------------------------------

                            David J. Jones
                            Wm. Harper
                            Wm. Brenan
                            Edwd. Moody
Lafayette Battallion        John Reese
                            Manuel Carbajal
                            R. J. Scott
                            W. P. Johnson
                            A. Bynum
                            Chas. Phillips
                            J. M. Cass
                            Peter Griffin
                            Milton Irish                      40

                            Captn. Burke's Company
                            J. B. M'Manomy        1st Lieut.
                            James Kelly           Orderly Sergeant
                            H. D. Ripley          Sergeant
                            Kneeland Taylor
                            Chas. B. Jennings
                            P. T. Kissam
                            John Richards
                            Orlando Wheeler
                            John D. Cunningham
                            Wm. Rossinberry
                            Wm. McMurray

Leaf 7 --------------------------------------------------------------------
                            m                                           7

                            Alvin E. White
                            John Chew
                            M. P. King
                            Jacob Colman
                            Wm. P. Wood
Lafayette Battallion        Wm. Stephens
                            Peter Mattern
                            Herman Ehrenberg
                            Conrad Egenour
                            G. F. Courtman
                            Jos. H. Spohn
                            Thomas Kemp
                            N. J. Devenny
                            James Reid
                            Wm. Hunter
                            M. G. Frazier
                            S. M. Edwards
                            Wm. J. Green
                            A. Swords
                            Z. O. Neil
                            Charles Linley
                            Wm. Gatlin
                            Randolph T. Spaine                34

                            Captn. P. S. Wyatt's Company
                            B. T. Bradford        1st Lieut.
                            Oliver Smith          2nd   do
                            Wm. Wallace           1st Sergeant
                            George Thayer         2nd   do
                            Henry Wilkins         3rd   do
                            J. D. Rains           4th   do
                            Oliver Brown          Quarter Master
                            Peter Allen           Musician


Leaf 7, verso -------------------------------------------------------------

                            Bennett Butler
                            Gabriel Bush
                            Ewing Caruthers
                            N. Dembrinske
                            Perry Davis
                            Henry Dixon
Lafayette Battallion        T. B. Frizel
                            J. H. Fisher
                            Edward Fuller
                            Frederick Gebinrath
                            H. G. Hudson
                            J. Kortickey
                            John Lumkin
                            E. Nixon
                            J. F. Morgan
                            Charles Patton
                            John R. Parker
                            Wm. R. Simpson
                            Frederick Seveman
                            Allen Wren
                            Wm. S. Parker
                            F. Peterswitch
                            E. D. Harrison
                            James Hamilton                    33

Leaf 8 --------------------------------------------------------------------
                            o                                           8

                            Regular Army

                            Captn. Westovers Company
                            Ira Westover          Captain
                            Lewis W. Gates        2nd Lieut
                            Wm. S. Brown          1st Sergeant
                            Geo. McKnight         2nd   do.
                            John McGloin          3rd   do.
                            Augustus Baker
                            Matthew Byrne
                            John Cross
                            John Fagan
                            Wm. Harris
                            John Kelly
                            Dennis McGowan
                            Patrick Nevin
                            A. M. O'Bayle   [5]
                            George Pettick
                            Thomas Quirk
                            Edward Ryan
                          | Thomas Smith  alias
                          | Abel Morgan
                            E. J. A. Greynolds
                            Marion Betts
                            Daniel Buckly
                            Matthew Conway
                            G. W. Coglan
                            George Dearick
                            Richard Disney
                            Andrew H. Eddy
                            Otis G. Eelles
                            John Gleeson
                            Robert English
                            John Hilchard
                            Wm. Hatfield


Leaf 8, verso -------------------------------------------------------------

                            Wm. Mann
                            Charles Jenson
                            Stephen Pierce
                            John Numlin
                            Daniel Syers
                            Sidney Smith
                            Charles Stewart
                            Lewis Shatts   [5]
                            James Webb
                            Joseph W. Watson
                            Ant. Siley
                            Wm. Winningham
                            John James                        44


                            Wm. Scurlock
                            Nat. Hazen
                            Daniel Murphy
                            Captn. Dusanque
                            John Williams
                            Captn. Frazer
                            Saml. Sprague
                            James Pitman
                            C. Hardwick
                            R. R. Petty
                            Charles Heck
                            Nat. R. Brister
                            G. W. Cash
                            Erastus Yeamans

Leaf 9 --------------------------------------------------------------------
                            q                                           9

                            Elias Yeamans
                            Wm. Haddon
                            Daniel Martindale
                            Francis Garcia
                            Charles Smith
                            Napoleon B. Williams
                            Ransom O. Graves
                            Hughes Witt
                            Lewis Powell
                            Thomas Dasher
                            George Pain
                            John J. Hand
                                    Spencer                   32


End of roll ---------------------------------------------------------------

Editor's transcription notes:

     - Some of the names on leaves 1-4 are preceeded by a capital E, S, T,
       or W, transcribed here in bold font. The purpose is not given.
     - There is a Texas Archive stamp on front of every leaf, "TX" in a
 "v" - represents a check mark after a name.
 "x" - represents an "x"-mark before a name.
 [1] - page damaged
 [2] - name marked through
 [3] - "Francis Dietrich" added in another hand.
 [4] - Name cut out; "Thos. H Corbys" on paper pasted in.
 [5] - Penmanship is excellent, but Davenport 1936 shows "o" for some 
       handwritten "a" (Cowan, Conard/Conrad, Downman, McCoy, O'Boyle/
       Boyle, Shotts.)
 [6] - Davenport 1936 shows "Joseph" for handwritten "Jas."
 [7] - "Voss" in LOMR; "Vose" in Davenport 1936. 

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