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The Telegraph and Texas Register Roll

Names in Alphabetical Order (469 names)

This list of names on the 1936 Telegraph and Texas Register roll of Fannin's men is from the Texas Almanac for 1860, pp. 88-91, reprinted from a clipping supplied, with other information, by Captain John C. P. Kennymore, a Fannin survivor who was later an officer in the Army of the Republic of Texas. (See also roll as published .)

The symbols are:
   * - marched out to be massacred, but escaped
   $ - detained as surgeons and laborers
   % - escaped from Ward's retreat
   # - sick, on furlough, or escaped earlier.

Abercrombie, William         Wadsworth's Co.
Adams, J. M.                 Duval's Co.
Aldridge, Isaac              Bullock's Co.
Aldridge, John               Winn's Co.
Alison, Wm. L.               Ticknor's Co.
Allen, Leven                 Ticknor's Co.
Allen, Peter (Musn)          Wyatt's Co.
Allen, T. G.                 Duval's Co.
Anderson, P. H.              Shackleford's Co.
Anderson, Samuel (Sgt)       King's Co.
Andrews, Joseph %            Bullock's Co.
Arms, Allison (3 Sgt)        Bullock's Co.
Armstrong, Wm. S.            King's Co.
Bagly, J. S. (Sgt)           Duval's Co.
Baker, Augustus              Westover's Co.
Baker, Stephen               Ticknor's Co.
Banks, Reason                Winn's Co.
Barkley, J. H. (3 Cpl)       Shackleford's Co.
Barnard, Jas. H. (Surg)$     Staff
Barnhill, J. N.              Shackleford's Co.
Barnwell, J. H. $            Bullock's Co.
Barton, T. B.                Wadsworth's Co.
Bates, Anthony (1 Sgt)       Winn's Co.
Batts, _______               Duval's Co.
Beall, Josias B.             Winn's Co.
Bellows, J. F.               Duval's Co.
Betts, Marion                Westover's Co.
Bills, _______               unattached
Blackwell, Jos.              Shackleford's Co.
Boyle, A. M. $               Westover's Co.
Bracy, L. G. H.              King's Co.
Bradford, B. T. (1 Lt)%      Wyatt's Co.
Bradford, Jas. A.            Ticknor's Co.
Brennan, Wm. *               Pettus' Co.
Breshear, R. C. (Cpl)        Duval's Co.
Bridgman, J. $               Bullock's Co.
Bright, Jno. %               Winn's Co.
Brister, Nat. R.             unattached
Brooks, Danl. B. (2 Lt)      Winn's Co.
Brooks, J. S. (Adjt)         Staff
Brooks, Z. S. *              Shackleford's Co.
Brown, J. S. (2 Cpl)         Wadsworth's Co.
Brown, Oliver (Q. M.)        Wyatt's Co.
Brown, S. T. (3 Cpl)*        Bullock's Co.
Brown, William A. J.         Bullock's Co.
Brown, Wm. S. (1 Sgt)        Westover's Co.
Bryson, John M.              Winn's Co.
Buckley, Daniel              Westover's Co.
Bullock, U. J. (Capt)#       Bullock's Co.
Burbridge, Thos.             Shackleford's Co.
Burke, David N. (Capt)#      Burke's Co.
Burts, B. F.                 Shackleford's Co.
Bush, Gabriel                Wyatt's Co.
Butler, Bennett *            Wyatt's Co.
Butler, Moses                Bullock's Co.
Butler, Wm. S. %             Bullock's Co.
Bynum, A.                    Pettus' Co.
Byrne, Matthew               Westover's Co.
Cain, J. W.                  Shackleford's Co.
Callagham, J. H. (3 Sgt)$    Winn's Co.
Callison, J. H. (Sgt)        King's Co.
Carbajal, Manuel             Pettus' Co.
Carlisle, G. W.              Ticknor's Co.
Carlson, Wm. S.              Duval's Co.
Carriere, C. J.              Pettus' Co.
Carrol, Michael              Winn's Co.
Caruthers, Ewing             Wyatt's Co.
Cash, _______                Horton's Co.
Cass, J. M.                  Pettus' Co.
Chew, John                   Burke's Co.
Chisem, E. P. G. (Sgt)       Duval's Co.
Churchill, Thomas S.         Duval's Co.
Clark, J. H.                 Wadsworth's Co.
Clark, Seth                  Shackleford's Co.
Clennon, _______             Wyatt's Co.
Coe, J. G.                   Shackleford's Co.
Coglan, G. W.                Westover's Co.
Cole, Wm. H.                 Duval's Co.
Colegrom, J.                 King's Co.
Coleman, Jacob               Burke's Co.
Comstock, William            Ticknor's Co.
Conard, Cullen               Ticknor's Co.
Cooke, T.                    King's Co.
Cooper, D. *                 Shackleford's Co.
Corbys, Thomas H.            Winn's Co.
Courtman, G. F.              Burke's Co.
Cowan, W. J.                 Wadsworth's Co.
Cox, Harvey                  Shackleford's Co.
Cozart, _______              Pettus' Co.
Cross, John                  Westover's Co.
Cumming, George Washington   Bullock's Co.
Cunningham, John D.          Burke's Co.
Daniel, G. W. (Sgt)          Duval's Co.
Dasher, Thos.                Horton's Co.
Davidson, R. T.              Shackleford's Co.
Davis, F. %                  King's Co.
Davis, G. L.                 Shackleford's Co.
Davis, Jackson               King's Co.
Davis, Perry %               Wyatt's Co.
Davis, Walter W. (2 Cpl)     Winn's Co.
Dawnman, H. M.               Duval's Co.
Day, H. B.                   Shackleford's Co.
Dedrick, _______ $           King's Co.
Dembrinske, N.               Wyatt's Co.
Dennis, Joseph               Bullock's Co.
Dickerson, W. (Sgt)          Duval's Co.
Dickinson, Noah              Pettus' Co.
Dickson, A.                  Shackleford's Co.
Dixon, Henry                 Wyatt's Co.
Donohoo, John                Duval's Co.
Dorsey, Alfred               Shackleford's Co.
Douglas, Henry L.            Shackleford's Co.
Douglas, W. C.               Shackleford's Co.
Dubose, Wm. P. B.            Ticknor's Co.
Duffield, _______            Horton's Co.
Duncan, J. W.                Shackleford's Co.
Durrain, E. $                Wadsworth's Co.
Dusanque, (Capt)             unattached
Duval, B. H. (Capt)          Duval's Co.
Duval, John C. *             Duval's Co.
Dwenny, N. J. *              Burke's Co.
Dyer, Geo.                   Duval's Co.
Eddy, Matthew                Westover's Co.
Edwards, S. M.               Burke's Co.
Egenour, Conrad              Burke's Co.
Ehrenberg, Herman *          Burke's Co.
Eiser, John                  Shackleford's Co.
Ellis, Devraux               Bullock's Co.
Ellis, J. E.                 Shackleford's Co.
Ely, John                    Winn's Co.
English, Robert              Westover's Co.
Escott, _______              Pettus' Co.
Eubanks, Geo.                Winn's Co.
Fagan, John                  Westover's Co.
Fannin, J. W. (Col)          Staff
Farney, Samuel               Shackleford's Co.
Ferguson, Jos.               Shackleford's Co.
Field, Jas. (Surg)$          Staff
Fine, Charles                Bullock's Co.
Finner, Robt.                Shackleford's Co.
Fisher, I. H.                Wyatt's Co.
Fist, Hezekiah               Ticknor's Co.
Fitsimmons, Edward           Ticknor's Co.
Foley, A. G. (3 Sgt)         Shackleford's Co.
Foster, J. A.                Wadsworth's Co.
Fowler, Bradford (2 Sgt)     Bullock's Co.
Franklin, E. B.              Shackleford's Co.
Frazier, M. G.               Burke's Co.
Freeman, T. S. (2 Cpl)       Bullock's Co.
Frizel, T. B.                Wyatt's Co.
Fuller, Edward               Wyatt's Co.
Gallaghe, Dominic            Winn's Co.
Gamble, D.                   Shackleford's Co.
Gamble, Joseph $             Wadsworth's Co.
Garner, M. C.                Shackleford's Co.
Garsear, Francisco $         Horton's Co.
Gates, Lewis W. (2 Lt)       Westover's Co.
Gatlin, Wm.                  Burke's Co.
Gebinrath, Frederick         Wyatt's Co.
Gibbs, L. C.                 King's Co.
Gibbs, _______               Bullock's Co.
Gilbert, William             Wadsworth's Co.
Gilkerson, F.                Wadsworth's Co.
Gilland, George M.           Pettus' Co.
Gimble, John M. (1 Cpl)      Winn's Co.
Gleeson, John                Westover's Co.
Gould, _______               Pettus' Co.
Grace, John (Lt)             Pettus' Co.
Graves, Ransom O.            Horton's Co.
Gray, F. H.                  Pettus' Co.
Green, Geo.                  Pettus' Co.
Green, Wm. J.                Burke's Co.
Greene, D. %                 Ticknor's Co.
Greynolds, E. J. A.          Westover's Co.
Griffin, Peter $             Pettus' Co.
Grimes, J. E.                Shackleford's Co.
Gunter, William              Shackleford's Co.
Haddon, William *            Horton's Co.
Hamilton, J. D. (2 Sgt)*     Shackleford's Co.
Hamilton, Jas.               Wyatt's Co.
Hammock, Pearce $            Bullock's Co.
Hand, John J.                Horton's Co.
Hardaway, Samuel G. %        Bullock's Co.
Hardwick, C.                 unattached
Harper, William              Pettus' Co.
Harris, Jesse                Ticknor's Co.
Harris, Wm.                  Westover's Co.
Harrison, E. D.              Wyatt's Co.
Hasty, Henry                 Ticknor's Co.
Hatfield, William            Westover's Co.
Hawkins, N. B. (Cpl)         Duval's Co.
Hazen, Nat. *                unattached
Heaskill, C. R.              Duval's Co.
Heath, E. S. (Sgt)           Pettus' Co.
Hec, Chas. %                 unattached
Helms, Wilson                Winn's Co.
Hemphill, Wm.                Shackleford's Co.
Henley, James                King's Co.
Hentley, H. H. (1 Cpl)       Shackleford's Co.
Heth, Joel                   King's Co.
Hick, C. F. %                Ticknor's Co.
Hilchard, John               Westover's Co.
Hitchcock, A. J. $           Wadsworth's Co.
Hodge, _______               Pettus' Co.
Holiday, John *              Duval's Co.
Holland, _______*            Pettus' Co.
Holt, David I. (Q. M.)%      Staff
Horry, Thomas $              Wadsworth's Co.
Horton, _______ (Capt)       Horton's Co.
Hudson, H. G. %              Wyatt's Co.
Hughes, _______$             unattached
Hughs, Wesley (4 Sgt)        Winn's Co.
Hughs, Wiley (1 Lt)          Winn's Co.
Humphries, J. P.             King's Co.
Hunt, F. M. (1 Sgt)*         Bullock's Co.
Hunter, Wm.                  Burke's Co.
Hunter, Wm. L. (Sgt)*        Pettus' Co.
Hurst, _______ (Lt)          unattached
Ingram, Allen %              Wadsworth's Co.
Irish, Milton *              Pettus' Co.
Jack, James C. (2 Cpl)       Ticknor's Co.
Jackson, Jno. N.             Shackleford's Co.
Jackson, John                Shackleford's Co.
James, John                  Westover's Co.
James, _______ (Sgt)         Pettus' Co.
Jennings, Chas. B.           Burke's Co.
Jenson, Charles              Westover's Co.
Johnson, David               Ticknor's Co.
Johnson, W. P.               Pettus' Co.
Johnson, _______             Duval's Co.
Johnson, _______             King's Co.
Johnston, Wm. R. (Sgt)       King's Co.
Jones, David J. *            Pettus' Co.
Jones, H. W.                 Shackleford's Co.
Kelly, James (O. S.)         Burke's Co.
Kelly, John                  Shackleford's Co.
Kelly, John                  Westover's Co.
Kemp, Thos. *                Burke's Co.
Kenney, Allen O.             Pettus' Co.
Kennymore, John C. P. $      Wadsworth's Co.
Kimps, Q. P.                 Duval's Co.
King, Aaron B. (Capt)        King's Co.
King, M. P.                  Burke's Co.
Kinley, Chas. W.             Shackleford's Co.
Kirk, H. H.                  King's Co.
Kissam, P. T.                Burke's Co.
Kortickey, J.                Wyatt's Co.
Lantz, Charles               Ticknor's Co.
Leadbeater, Snead            King's Co.
Lee, Grier                   Winn's Co.
Leverette, O. F.             Ticknor's Co.
Linley, Chas.                Burke's Co.
Logan, _______               Pettus' Co.
Loverly, Alex. J.            Winn's Co.
Loving, Joseph               Winn's Co.
Lumkin, John $               Wyatt's Co.
Lynch, A. M.                 Ticknor's Co.
Lynd, A. H. (Cpl)            Duval's Co.
Mahoney, Dennis              Pettus' Co.
Mangum, Aaron S.             Winn's Co.
Mann, Wm.                    Westover's Co.
Manomy, J. B. (2 Lt)         Burke's Co.
Martin, Harvey               Duval's Co.
Martindale, Daniel *         Horton's Co.
Mason, Wm.                   Duval's Co.
Mattern, Peter               Burke's Co.
Mayer, Wm.                   Duval's Co.
Mays, S. A. J. (2 Sgt)       Wadsworth's Co.
McCoy, James                 Bullock's Co.
McDonald, J.                 Duval's Co.
McGloin, John (3 Sgt)        Westover's Co.
McGowan, Dennis              Westover's Co.
McGowen, John                Ticknor's Co.
McKenie, _______             Bullock's Co.
McMurray, Wm.                Burke's Co.
McNight, Geo. (2 Sgt)        Westover's Co.
McSherry, Jos. (1 Cpl)       Wadsworth's Co.
Merifield, J. Q. (Lt)        Duval's Co.
Michael, _______             Bullock's Co.
Miller, J. H.                Shackleford's Co.
Mills, Seaborne A.           Ticknor's Co.
Milne, C. C.                 Wadsworth's Co.
Minor, Perry H.              Bullock's Co.
Mitchell, Warren (Maj)       Staff
Mitchell, Washington         Ticknor's Co.
Moat, John                   Bullock's Co.
Moody, Edw.                  Pettus' Co.
Moore, D. (2 Cpl)            Shackleford's Co.
Moore, J. H.                 Wadsworth's Co.
Moore, John O.               Bullock's Co.
Moran, Martin %              Winn's Co.
Mordecat, Benj. H. $         Bullock's Co.
Morgan, J. F.                Wyatt's Co.
Moses, M. K. %               Wadsworth's Co.
Munson, J. R. (1 Cpl)        Bullock's Co.
Murdock, Dan. A.             Shackleford's Co.
Murphy, J. B. (3 Cpl)        Wadsworth's Co.
Murphy, Wm. *                unattached
Neely, J. H. (4 Sgt)$        Wadsworth's Co.
Nevin, Patrick               Westover's Co.
Nixon, C.                    Wyatt's Co.
Nobles, Watkins              Winn's Co.
Numlin, John                 Westover's Co.
O'Daniel, John               Ticknor's Co.
O'Neil, Z.                   Burke's Co.
Oldum, Benj. $               King's Co.
Oliver, John M.              Winn's Co.
Osborne, A. H. #             Bullock's Co.
Osburn, Pat.                 Winn's Co.
Owens, Robert                Duval's Co.
Pace, Robt. A.               Bullock's Co.
Pain, George                 Horton's Co.
Parker, John R.              Wyatt's Co.
Parker, William S.           Wyatt's Co.
Parvin, Wm.                  Winn's Co.
Patterson, Edmund (1 Sgt)$   Ticknor's Co.
Patton, Charles              Wyatt's Co.
Pease, L. T. %               Bullock's Co.
Penny, Geo. W. (Sgt)         King's Co.
Perkins, Austin              Bullock's Co.
Perkins, _______             Pettus' Co.
Petreswich, F.               Wyatt's Co.
Pettick, George $            Westover's Co.
Pettus, _______ (Capt)       Pettus' Co.
Petty, R. E.                 unattached
Philips, Chas.               Pettus' Co.
Pierce, Stephen              Westover's Co.
Pitman, Jas.                 unattached
Pitman, Samuel C. (4 Sgt)    Ticknor's Co.
Powell, Lewis                Horton's Co.
Powers, J. M. (4 Cpl)        Winn's Co.
Preusch, Wm. G.              Pettus' Co.
Quinn, Wm.                   Shackleford's Co.
Quirk, Thomas                Westover's Co.
Rainey, R. R.                Duval's Co.
Rains, J. D. (4 Sgt)%        Wyatt's Co.
Ray, Anderson                Winn's Co.
Ray, _______ (Cpl)           Winn's Co.
Reese, John *                Pettus' Co.
Reese, Perry (3 Cpl)         Ticknor's Co.
Reid, James                  Burke's Co.
Richards, John               Burke's Co.
Riddell, Sam. (Sgt)          Pettus' Co.
Riddle, Jos. P.              Pettus' Co.
Rieves, Thomas (4 Cpl)       Ticknor's Co.
Ripley, H. D. (Sgt)          Burke's Co.
Rodgers, J. B.               Wadsworth's Co.
Rogers, H. %                 Wadsworth's Co.
Roony, Cornelius             Ticknor's Co.
Rose, Gideon (Sgt Maj)       Staff
Rosenbury, Wm. $             Burke's Co.
Ross, Gideon S.              Winn's Co.
Ross, Thos. B. (1 Lt)        Wadsworth's Co.
Rounds, George %             Wadsworth's Co.
Rowe, Sam.                   Bullock's Co.
Rumley, Thomas               Winn's Co.
Rutledge, Richard (3 Sgt)%   Ticknor's Co.
Ryan, Edward                 Westover's Co.
Sanders, J. H.               Wadsworth's Co.
Sanders, _______             Duval's Co.
Savage, W. F.                Shackleford's Co.
Scott, R. J.                 Pettus' Co.
Scully, John S.              Bullock's Co.
Seargent, Charles            Pettus' Co.
Seaton, J. N.                Shackleford's Co.
Sermond, A. G.               Duval's Co.
Shackelford, F. S. (O. S.)   Shackleford's Co.
Shackelford, W. J.           Shackleford's Co.
Shackleford, Jack (Capt)$    Shackleford's Co.
Shadwick, _______ (Adjt)     Staff
Shaine, C. B. *              Duval's Co.
Sharpe, _______ *            Duval's Co.
Shelton, William             Winn's Co.
Short, Z. H. (4 Sgt)         Shackleford's Co.
Shotts, Lewis                Westover's Co.
Shults, H.                   Winn's Co.
Shurlock, Wm. (Capt)         unattached
Siley, Ant.                  Westover's Co.
Simpson, L. S.               Duval's Co.
Simpson, W. %                Shackleford's Co.
Simpson, William R.          Wyatt's Co.
Slatter, R.                  Wadsworth's Co.
Smith, Charles *             Horton's Co.
Smith, Gavin H.              King's Co.
Smith, James                 Winn's Co.
Smith, Oliver (2 Lt)         Wyatt's Co.
Smith, Sidney                Westover's Co.
Smith, Thomas                Westover's Co.
Smith, Thomas $              Bullock's Co.
Smith, William A. (2 Lt)     Ticknor's Co.
Spain, Randolph T.           Burke's Co.
Spencer, _______             Horton's Co.
Sphon, Jos. H. $             Burke's Co.
Spillers, John T. $          Bullock's Co.
Sprague, Sam.                unattached
Stephens, Wm.                Burke's Co.
Stevens, Abraham (3 Cpl)     Winn's Co.
Stewart, Charles             Westover's Co.
Stewart, J. C.               King's Co.
Stewart, Thomas $            Bullock's Co.
Stovall, Jos. A.             Bullock's Co.
Strunk, B.                   Shackleford's Co.
Sweman, Frederick            Wyatt's Co.
Swords, A.                   Burke's Co.
Swords, _______              Ticknor's Co.
Syers, Daniel                Westover's Co.
Tatom, Joseph B. (1 Cpl)%    Ticknor's Co.
Tatom, Memory B. (1 Lt)      Ticknor's Co.
Taylor, Kneeland             Burke's Co.
Thayer, George (2 Sgt)       Wyatt's Co.
Thomas, Evans M.             Ticknor's Co.
Thorn, John S. (2 Sgt)       Winn's Co.
Ticknor, _______ (Capt)      Ticknor's Co.
Tilson, L.                   Duval's Co.
Toler, R. A.                 King's Co.
Tolover, B. W.               Duval's Co.
Trevesant, _______%          Bullock's Co.
Turberville, W. S.           Wadsworth's Co.
Van Bibber, John $           Duval's Co.
Vaughn, James                Shackleford's Co.
Vaughn, W. E.                Shackleford's Co.
Vigal, G. M. (4 Cpl)         Bullock's Co.
Volckner, J. Q.              Duval's Co.
Voss, Geo. $                 Pettus' Co.
Wadsworth, _______ (Capt)    Wadsworth's Co.
Waggoner, William            Duval's Co.
Wallace, Benj. C. (Maj)      Staff
Wallace, Samuel (3 Sgt)*     Wadsworth's Co.
Wallace, William (1 Sgt)     Wyatt's Co.
Wallace, _______             Pettus' Co.
Ward, Wm. (Lt Col)           Staff
Waters, Nicholas B. (2 Sgt)  Ticknor's Co.
Watson, Joseph W.            Westover's Co.
Webb, James                  Westover's Co.
Weeks, _______               Bullock's Co.
Welsh, W. $                  Ticknor's Co.
West, _______                Pettus' Co.
Weston, Thomas (Musn)        Ticknor's Co.
Westover, Ira (Capt)         Westover's Co.
Wheeler, Orlando             Burke's Co.
White, Alvin E. $            Burke's Co.
Wilder, Jas.                 Shackleford's Co.
Wilkerson, Wm. L. $          Bullock's Co.
Wilkins, Henry (3 Sgt)       Wyatt's Co.
Williams, A. B. (Cpl)        Duval's Co.
Williams, John *             unattached
Williams, Napoleon B.        Horton's Co.
Williams, _______            Ticknor's Co.
Wilson, J. L. (2 Lt)         Wadsworth's Co.
Wilson, Robert               Shackleford's Co.
Wilson, Samuel (Lt)          Duval's Co.
Wingate, E.                  Wadsworth's Co.
Winn, James C. (Capt)        Winn's Co.
Winningham, Wm.              Westover's Co.
Winter, A. (4 Cpl)           Shackleford's Co.
Winters, Christopher         Winn's Co.
Witt, Hughs                  Horton's Co.
Wood, John                   Pettus' Co.
Wood, Samuel                 Ticknor's Co.
Wood, W. P.                  Burke's Co.
Wood, _______                Bullock's Co.
Woolrich, _______            Duval's Co.
Wren, Allen                  Wyatt's Co.
Wright, Isaac N.             Ticknor's Co.
Wyatt, P. S. (Capt.)#        Wyatt's Co.
Yeamans, Elias               Horton's Co.
Yeamans, Erastus             Horton's Co.
Young, Harrison              Winn's Co.
Young, Jas. O.               Ticknor's Co.

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