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The Telegraph and Texas Register Roll

This 1936 Telegraph and Texas Register roll of Fannin's men is from the Texas Almanac for 1860, pp. 88-91, reprinted from a clipping supplied, with other information, by Captain John C. P. Kennymore, a Fannin survivor who was later an officer in the Army of the Republic of Texas. Symbols "$" and "%" are substitutions for the original symbols. (See also roll in alphabetical order.)



After a delay of several weeks, and incredible trouble, in order to render the following muster-roll as free from inaccuracies as possible, we present it to the public for the information of the relatives of the deceased.

The original muster and descriptive rolls of the different companies were destroyed with the other papers belonging to the executive department, on the conflagration of San Felipe; and we are aware that errors may exist, notwithstanding all our pains and trouble.

The subject of the massacre of Col. Fannin and his brave associates, has been so often the theme of discussion and universal animadversion, that we might be excused, on the present occasion, from offering further remarks; but the unprovoked, cold-blooded, unnecessary murder committed on those illustrious champions of Texas liberty can never be forgotten, nor exhausted in its narration. Veneration for the memory of the deceased requires it, and the interests of Texas demand it, because they were our friends, our relatives, and our defenders; and the reminiscence of the event serves as a stimulus to deeds of valor which will accomplish the salvation of Texas.

The * indicates those who were marched out to be massacred, but fortunately made their escape; the $, those who were detained as surgeons and laborers; and



the %, those who made their escape from Col. Ward's division, on his retreat, and did not fall into the hands of the enemy.

J. W. Fannin, Col. Comdt.
Wm. Ward, Lt. Col.
Benj. C. Wallace, Maj. Lafayette Battalion.
Warren Mitchell, Maj. Georgia Battalion.

_______ Shadwick, Adjutant.
J. S. Brooks,   do.
Gideon Rose, Sergt. Maj.
David I. Holt,% Qr. Master.
Jas. Field,$
Jas. H. Barnard,$

First Regiment Volunteers.

Capt. B. H. Duval; Lieuts. Samuel Wilson, J. Q. Merifield; Sergts. G. W. Daniel, J. S. Bagly, E. P. G. Chisem, W. Dickerson; Corpls. N. B. Hawkins, A. B. Williams, A. H. Lynd, R. C. Breshear; Privates T. G. Allen, J. M. Adams, J. F. Bellows, Wm. S. Carlson, Thomas S. Churchill, Wm. H. Cole, John C. Duval,* H. M. Dawnman, John Donohoo, Geo. Dyer, John Holiday,* C. R. Heaskill, _______ Johnson, Q. P. Kimps, A. G. Sermond, Wm. Mayer, J. McDonald, Wm. Mason, Harvey Martin, Robert Owens, R. R. Rainey, _______ Sharpe,* L. S. Simpson, _______ Sanders, C. B. Shaine,* L. Tilson, B. W. Tolover, J. Q. Volckner, John Van Bibber,$ _______ Batts, Woolrich, William Waggoner.

Auxiliary Volunteers.

Capt. Aaron B. King; Sergts. Samuel Anderson, Geo. W. Penny, J. H. Callison, Wm. R. Johnston; Privates J. P. Humphries, H. H. Kirk, L. C. Gibbs, L. G. H. Bracy, J. C. Stewart, T. Cooke, James Henley, F. Davis,% Jackson Davis, J. Colegrom, Gavin H. Smith, Snead Leadbeater, R. A. Toler, Wm. S. Armstrong, Benj. Oldum,$ Joel Heth, _______ Dedrick,$ _______ Johnson.

San Antonio Grays.

Lieut. John Grace; Sergts. E. S. Heath, Wm. L. Hunter.* _______ James, Sam. Riddell; Privates C. J. Carriere, Allen O. Kenney, Jos. P. Riddle, F. H. Gray, Geo. Green, Charles Seargent, Holland,* Cozart, Wm. G. Preusch, John Wood, Dennis Mahoney, Noah Dickinson, George M. Gilland, Geo. Voss,$ David J. Jones,* Wallace, William Harper, Wm. Brennan,* Edw. Moody, Escott, John Reese,* Manuel Carbajal, R. J. Scott, Gould, W. P. Johnson, A. Bynum, Hodge, Chas. Philips, West, J. M. Cass, Perkins, Peter Griffin,$ _______ Logan, Milton Irish.*

First Regiment Texas Volunteers.

Capt. U. J. Bullock, left sick at Velasco; F. M. Hunt,* 1st Sergt., Bradford Fowler, 2d. Sergt., Allison Arms, 3d Sergt.; J. R. Munson, 1st Corp., T. S. Freeman, 2d Corp., S. T. Brown, 3d Corp,* G. M. Vigal, 4th Corp.; Privates Joseph Andrews,% Isaac Aldridge, Wm. S. Butler,% J. H. Barnwell,$ George Washington Cumming, William A. J. Brown, Joseph Dennis, Michael, Devraux Ellis, Charles Fine, Gibbs, Pearce Hammock,$ Samuel G. Hardaway,% Perry H. Minor, John O. Moore, Benj. H. Mordecat,$ John Moat, McKenie, L. T. Pease,% Robt. A. Pace, Austin Perkins,



Sam. Rowe, John T. Spillers,$ John S. Scully, Thomas Smith,$ Thomas Stewart,$ Jos. A. Stovall, Trevesant,% Wm. L. Wilkerson,$ Weeks, Wood, James McCoy, Moses Butler, A. H. Osborne, (left wounded in the church at the Mission, afterwards escaped,) J. Bridgman.$

First Regiment Texas Volunteers.

Wiley Hughs, 1st Lieut., Danl. B. Brooks, 2d Lieut; Anthony Bates, 1st Sergt., John S. Thorn, 2d Sergt., J. H. Callagham,$ 3d Sergt., Wesley Hughs, 4th Sergt.; John M. Gimble, 1st Corp., Walter W. Davis, 2d Corp., Abraham Stevens, 3d Corp., J. M. Powers 4th Corp., Ray Corporal; Privates John Aldridge, John M. Bryson, Michael Carrol, Thomas H. Corbys, John Ely, Geo. Eubanks, Dominic Gallaghe, Wilson Helms, Grier Lee, Joseph Loving, Alex. J. Loverly, Martin Moran,% Aaron S. Mangum, Watkins Nobles, John M. Oliver, Pat. Osburn, Wm. Parvin, Gideon S. Ross, Anderson Ray, Thomas Rumley, William Shelton, James Smith, Christopher Winters, Harrison Young, Josias B. Beall, Jno. Bright,% Reason Banks, H. Shults.

First Regiment Texas Volunteers.

Thos. B. Ross, 1st Lieut., J. L. Wilson, 2d Lieut.; S. A. J. Mays, 2d Sergt, Samuel Wallace, 3d Sergt.,* J. H. Neely, 4th Sergt;$ Jos. McSherry, 1st Corp., J. S. Brown, 2d Corp., J. B. Murphy, 3d Corp.; Privates George Rounds,% William Abercrombie, T. B. Barton, J. H. Clark, W. J. Cowan, E. Durrain,$ J. A. Foster, Joseph Gamble,$ F. Gilkerson, William Gilbert, Thomas Horry,$ A. J. Hitchcock,$ Allen Ingram,% John C. P. Kennymore,$ J. H. Moore, C. C. Milne, M. K. Moses,% J. B. Rodgers, R. Slatter, J. H. Sanders, W. S. Turberville, E. Wingate, H. Rogers.%

First Regiment Texas Volunteers.

Memory B. Tatom, 1st Lieut., William A. Smith, 2d Lieut.; Edmund Patterson, 1st Sergt.,$ Nicholas B. Waters, 2d Sergt., Richard Rutledge, 3d Sergt.,% Samuel C. Pitman, 4th Sergt.; Joseph B. Tatom, 1st Corp.,% James C. Jack, 2d Corp., Perry Reese, 3d Corp., Thomas Rieves, 4th Corp.; Thomas Weston, musician; Privates D. Greene,% John McGowen, David Johnson, Samuel Wood, W. Welsh,$ Isaac N. Wright, Wm. L. Alison, Washington Mitchell, Stephen Baker, Henry Hasty, Jas. A. Bradford, Cornelius Roony, Seaborne A. Mills, Cullen Conard, Jas. O. Young, Edward Fitsimmons, Hezekiah Fist, C. F. Hick,% O. F. Leverette, William Comstock, John O'Daniel, Charles Lantz, Evans M. Thomas, A. M. Lynch, G. W. Carlisle, Leven Allen, Jesse Harris, Swords, Williams, Wm. P. B. Dubose.

Louisville Volunteers.

Capt. P. S. Wyatt, on furlough; B. T. Bradford,% 1st Lieut., Oliver Smith, 2d Lieut.; William Wallace, 1st Sergt., George Thayer, 2d Sergt., Henry Wilkins, 3d Sergt., J. D. Rains,% 4th Sergt.; Oliver Brown, Quarter-Master; Peter Allen, Musician; Privates Bennett Butler,* Gabriel Bush, Ewing Caruthers, N. Dembrinske, Perry Davis,% Henry Dixon, T. B. Frizel, I. H. Fisher, Edward Fuller, Frederick Gebinrath, Jas. Hamilton, E. D. Harrison, H. G. Hudson,% J. Kortickey, John Lumkin,$ C. Nixon, _______ Clennon, J. F. Morgan, F. Petreswich, William S. Parker, Charles Patton, John R. Parker, William R. Simpson, Frederick Sweman, Allen Wren.

Regular Army.

Ira Westover, Capt.; Lewis W. Gates, 2d Lieut; Wm. S. Brown, 1st Sergt., Geo. McNight, 2d Sergt., John McGloin, 3d Sergt.; Privates Augustus Baker, Matthew



Byrne, John Cross, John Fagan, Wm. Harris, John Kelly, Dennis McGowan, Patrick Nevin, A. M. Boyle,$ George Pettick,$ Thomas Quirk, Edward Ryan, Thomas Smith, E. J. A. Greynolds, Daniel Buckley, Marion Betts, G. W. Coglan, Matthew Eddy, Robert English, John Gleeson, William Hatfield, John Hilchard, Charles Jenson, Wm. Mann, John Numlin, Stephen Pierce, Sidney Smith, Daniel Syers, Lewis Shotts, Charles Stewart, Joseph W. Watson, James Webb, Wm. Winningham, Ant. Siley, John James.

Mobile Grays.

David N. Burke Capt., on furlough; J. B. Manomy, 2d Lieut.; James Kelly, Ord. Sergt., H. D. Ripley, Sergt.; Privates Kneeland Taylor, Chas. B. Jennings, P. T. Kissam, John Richards, Orlando Wheeler, John D. Cunningham, Wm. Rosenbury,$ Wm. McMurray, Alvin E. White,$ John Chew, M. P. King, Jacob Coleman, W. P. Wood, Wm. Stephens, Peter Mattern, Herman Ehrenberg,* Conrad Egenour, G. F. Courtman, Jos. H. Sphon,$ Thos. Kemp,* N. J. Dwenny,* James Reid, Wm. Hunter, M. G. Frazier, S. M. Edwards, Wm. J. Green, A. Swords, Z. O'Neil, Chas. Linley, Wm. Gatlin, Randolph T. Spain.

Red Rovers.

F. S. Shackelford, Ord. Sergt., J. D. Hamilton,* 2d Sergt., A. G. Foley, 3d Sergt., Z. H. Short, 4th Sergt.; H. H. Hentley, 1st Corp., D. Moore, 2d Corp., J. H. Barkley, 3d Corp., A. Winter, 4th Corp.; Privates P. H. Anderson, Jos. Blackwell, Z. S. Brooks,* B. F. Burts, Thos. Burbridge, J. N. Barnhill, W. C. Douglas, J. W. Cain, D. Cooper,* Harvey Cox, Seth Clark, J. G. Coe, Alfred Dorsey, G. L. Davis, H. B. Day, A. Dickson, J. W. Duncan, R. T. Davidson, J. E. Ellis, Samuel Farney, Robt. Finner, E. B. Franklin, Jos. Ferguson, M. C. Garner, D. Gamble, William Gunter, J. E. Grimes, Wm. Hemphill, John Eiser, John Jackson, H. W. Jones, Jno. N. Jackson, John Kelly, Dan. A. Murdock, Chas. W. Kinley, J. H. Miller, W. Simpson,% J. N. Seaton, W. J. Shackelford, B. Strunk, W. F. Savage, W. E. Vaughn, James Vaughn, Robert Wilson, Jas. Wilder, Wm. Quinn, Henry L. Douglas.


Privates Elias Yeamans, Erastus Yeamans, Daniel Martindale,* William Haddon,* Charles Smith,* Francisco Garsear,$ Ransom O. Graves, Napoleon B. Williams, Lewis Powell, Hughs Witt, George Pain, Thos. Dasher, John J. Hand, Duffield, Spencer, _______ Cash.

The following persons, who had not attached themselves to any company, were with Fannin:

Capt. Wm. Shurlock, Lieut. _______ Hurst, _______ Bills, Nat. Hazen,* Wm. Murphy,* Capt. Dusanque, John Williams,* Sam. Sprague, Hughes,$ Jas. Pitman, C. Hardwick, R. E. Petty, Chas. Hec,% Nat. R. Brister.



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