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Editor's Notes

1. [p.26]   Muster Rolls #1, 1850 - Additions and rebinding of the material in Section C have changed the original order of the copies so that the page numbers are no longer sequential. The following is the order of the leaves in Section C with the old page numbers noted. The old circled page numbers have been transcribed within parentheses. For more details see LOMR in Bibliography.

Old Page
37 (1)  Note re Stephen Winship, Breece Command
38 (1) 33Names on Record Book of Foreign Volunteers
39 (2) 34(Cont.)
40 (3) 35(Cont.)
41 Blank
42 (4) 37Capt. Thos. H. Breece Roll
43 (2) Capt. Thos. Lewellyn Roll
44 Certification of Capt. Lewellyn Roll
45 Blank
46 (5) 1List of men who fell in the Alamo
47 (6) 2(Cont.)
48 (7) 3(Cont.)
49 (8) 4Lt. George C. Kimbell Roll
50 (9) 5Capt. W.A. Wadsworth Roll
51(10) 6(Cont.)
52(11) 7Capt. U.J. Bullock Roll and verso attachment
53(12) 8(Cont.)
54(13) 9Capt. James C. Winn Roll
55(14) 10(Winn Cont.)/Capt. Isaac Ticknor Roll
56(15) 11(Ticknor Cont.)/Capt. Ira Westover Roll
57(16) 12(Westover Cont.)
58(17) 13Capt. Amon B. King Roll
59(18) 14Capt. B.H. Duval Roll
60(19) 15Capt. P.S. Wyatt Roll
61(20) 16Capt. David N. Burk Roll and verso attachment
62(21) 17Capt. Saml. O. Pettus Roll and verso attachment
18Capt. Jack Shackleford Roll
64(24) 19Capt. A.C. Horton Roll and verso attachment
65(25) 20Col. Fannin Field and Staff / B.F. Hill Cert.
66(26) 21Note attached, re Perry Davis/Wyatt Comm.
22Note attached, re Micajah Autry/Travis Comm.
(28) 23Note attached, re Lewis Duel/Travis Comm.
26 1/4Note re Capt. John M. Bradley's Roll
(separate sheet with book)

2. [p.37]   The muster roll of Captain John Chenoweth's company, mustered into service February, 1836, from MUSTER ROLLS #2 1856/57, Texas General Land Office, Austin, has been published in MUSTER ROLLS OF THE TEXAS REVOLUTION, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Austin, Texas, pp. 82-83, 1986. See LOMR in Bibliography.

3. [p.38]   The muster roll of Captain Thomas Llewellyn's Company with Grant and Fannin, organized December, 1835, is in MUSTER ROLLS #1 1850, Texas General Land Office, Austin. See LOMR in Bibliography.

4. By 1939 Davenport concluded that the two doctors in the Johnson and Grant parties were Dr. Charles P. Heartt (killed with Grant at Agua Dulce) and Dr. William M. W. Hort, killed at San Patricio while in Johnson's party. One problem with the original records is that handwritten "Hort" and "Hart" (for Dr. Charles P. Heartt) look similar and could have been copied either way. The following is a summary of references to these two doctors.

Davenport 1936
 Sketch: Heartt, Dr. William Charles P.,
Peacock's Co. (Bexar), Llewellyn's Co., killed, San Patricio, Feb 27, 1836.
 Sketch: Hoyt, Dr.
From South Carolina, not on Llewellyn roll, probably killed, Pearson's Company, San Patricio, Feb 27, 1836.
  p.39: Llewellyn's Company, "Doct Hart killed"
  p.69: Dr. "J. Hoyt" killed, Pearson's Co., San Patricio, Feb 27, 1836.
  p.69: Dr. William Charles P. Heartt,
killed, Llewellyn's Co., San Patricio, Feb 27, 1836.
  p.154: Dr. "J. Hart" killed, Pearson's Co., San Patricio, Feb 27, 1836.
  p.306: "with Dr. W. C. P. Heartt" a member of Peacock's Co.
Davenport 1939
  p.29: Heartt, Dr. Charles P.,
killed, Grant's Party, Agua Dulce, Mar 2, 1836.
  p.28: Hort, Dr. William M. W.,
killed, Johnson's Party, San Patricio, Feb 27, 1836.
Miller 1967, Bounty & Donation Grants
 Heartt, Charles P. (Heirs) - Service under Fannin; killed, Goliad
 Hort, William M. W. (Heirs) - killed, San Patricio
 Hoyt - no "Hoyt" in Fannin Command
Muster Roll
 From MUSTER ROLLS OF THE TEXAS REVOLUTION, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Austin, 1986, pp.40-42.
 Neil, J.C. (Lt Col) Garrison of Bexar, [Feb 14, 1836]
Hart, W.H.W. (Asst Surg)
Peacock, _____ (Capt)

5. [p.190]   Herman Ehrenberg was born in the village of Steuden, old Prussia, and died in 1866 at Dos Palmos, California. The story of his father's background and the claim of Herman Ehrenberg's involvement in a liberal political movement lack documentation. [Crisp, James E. "In Pursuit of Herman Ehrenberg: A Research Adventure." Southwestern Historical Quarterly, CII (April, 1999): 423-439.]

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