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The Manuscripts


There are two known typewritten manuscript drafts of Notes from an Unfinished Study of Fannin and his Men, by Harbert Davenport, referred to here as "Draft 1" and "Draft 2", the apparent later version. Both drafts have the same cover letter dated June 1, 1936, but only Draft 1 is signed.

  • Draft 1 - a signed unpaged-version with handwritten corrections, 474 pp.

  • Draft 2 - an unsigned irregularly-paged version with Draft 1 corrections typed, additional handwritten corrections and some inserted material which have been included in this online version and so marked.
This online version was created from Draft 2, but proofed from the first draft to get a word-by-word comparison. A few sketches were reordered for true alphabetical order, but the online page numbers are within a few page numbers of the manuscript drafts.

Where the drafts are . . .

Although no originals have been found, carbon copies of the two typewritten manuscripts are in the following archives:

Draft 1

  • Texas State Archives, Austin (fair copy)

Draft 2

  • Center for American History, Univ. of Texas at Austin (best copy)
  • John Ben Shepperd Papers, Dunagan Library, Univ. of Texas of the Permian Basin (good copy)
  • Cushing Library, Texas A&M University (too fragile to photocopy)

Where aren't the originals . . .

Unsuccessful searches were made at the:

  • Brownsville Historical Association
  • Brownsville Public Library
  • Library of Congress
  • National Archives
  • National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution
  • San Jacinto Museum
  • University of Texas at Brownsville

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