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Editor's Composite List of Men

About this list

             - Davenport 1936 (these online pages)
         [ ] - Davenport 1939 (this online Appendix A)
         [G] - Goliad Massacre List, Davenport 1939 (352 names)
             - See Appendix B for possible additional names & changes.

SKETCH: Bio  - Biographical sketch in Davenport 1936
        TSHA - Biographical sketch in TSHA

FATE:   Died - killed; died of wounds, illness, or accident.
        Surv - survived; escaped; absent by duty or illness;
               left behind; left or deserted.
        Unkn - unknown fate; insufficient record.
           ? - question mark appended if uncertain or contra-
               dictory evidence.

 SOLDIER'S NAME                  SKETCH FATE       Comments
 "Mexicans, Service of Texas"

 Arreola, of San Antonio                Unkn (captured, San Patricio)
 "Cayetano"                             Unkn (captured, Agua Dulce)
 Zambrano, of San Antonio               Unkn (captured, San Patricio)
 Mexican, of San Antonio                Unkn (captured, San Patricio)
 Mexican, of San Antonio                Unkn (captured, San Patricio)
 Mexican, of San Antonio                Unkn (captured, San Patricio)
 Mexican, of San Antonio                Died (San Patricio)
 Mexican, of San Antonio                Died (San Patricio)
 Mexican,                               Unkn (captured, Agua Dulce)
 Blanco, (Lt) Guerra's Co.              Shot (formerly Fannin Command, p.16)


 Abercrombie, Wiley A.             Bio  Died  [G]
 Acklin, J. S. A.                  Bio  Surv
 Adams, D. F.                      Bio  Surv
 Adams, James Moss                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Adams, Thomas Jefferson           Bio  Surv
 Aldridge, Isaac                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Aldridge, John                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Allen, John O.                    Bio  Surv
 Allen, Layton                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Allen, N. R.                      Bio  Surv
 Allen, Peter                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Allen, Thomas G.                  Bio  Surv
 Allison, Alfred                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Allston, William L.               Bio  Died  [G]
 Ames, Allison                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Anderson, Patrick H.              Bio  Died  [G]
 Anderson, Samuel                  Bio  Died
 Andrews, Joseph W.                Bio  Surv
 Armore, William L.                Bio  Unkn
 Armstrong, James                  Bio  Unkn
 Armstrong, William S.             Bio  Died
 Atwell, William                   Bio  Surv
 Austin, Norman                    Bio  Surv
 Ayers, Lewis                      Bio  Surv
 Bagby, James S.                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Baker, Augustus                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Baker, Stephen                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Ball, William B.                  Bio  Surv
 Banks, Reason Green               Bio  Surv
 Barellon, Charles                 Bio  Surv
 Barkley, John H.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Barnard, Dr. Joseph H.            TSHA Surv
 Barnhill, John N.                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Barnwell, John H. [James H.]      Bio  Surv
 Barton, John                      Bio  Surv
 Barton, Thomas B.                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Bates, Anthony                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Batts, James S.                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Beall, Josias B.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Beck, John F.                          Died  [G]
 Bell[Bill], Marvin                Bio  Died  [G]
 Bellows, J. Fred [Fred J.]        Bio  Died  [G]
 Benavides, Placido                TSHA Surv
 Benson, James B. [William B.]     Bio [Surv]
 Bentley, Henry H. [Henry Hogue]   Bio  Died  [G]
 Betts, Jacob                      Bio  Surv
 Birmingham, P. W.                 Bio  Surv
 Black, J. R.                      Bio  Surv
 Blackwell, Joseph H.              Bio  Died  [G]
 Blake, Thomas M.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Blanco, _____ (Lt)                     Died
 Bonds, Henry                      Bio  Surv
 Boone[Boom], Garrett E.           Bio  Surv
[Bouch, Gabriel]                                  See Bush, Gabriel
 Bowhay, William Procter           Bio  Surv
 Boyle, Andrew Michael             Bio  Surv
 Bradford, Benjamin F. (1 Lt)      Bio  Surv
 Bradford, James A.                Bio  Died  [G]
 Brady[Bracy], Leslie G. H.        Bio  Died  [G]
 Brashear, Richard G.              Bio  Died  [G]
 Brenan, William                   Bio  Surv
 Brett, _____                                     Pearson's company
 Bridgeman, George F.[J.]          Bio  Surv
 Bright, John                      Bio  Surv
 Brister, Nathaniel R.             Bio  Died  [G]
 Brooks, Daniel B.                 Bio  Died
 Brooks, George Whitfield          Bio  Surv
 Brooks, John Sowers               Bio  Died  [G]
 Brooks, Zachariah S.              Bio  Surv
 Brown, J. S.                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Brown, Oliver                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Brown, Reuben R.                  Bio  Surv
 Brown, Samuel T.                  Bio  Surv
 Brown, William A. J.              Bio  Died
 Brown, William Silvan             Bio  Died  [G]
 Bryan, John W.                    Bio  Surv
 Bryson, John M.                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Buchanan, Green B.                Bio  Died?
 Bucket, Ned                                      See Holt, David J.
 Buckley, Daniel                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Buckner, J. W.                    Bio  Surv
 Bullock, Munroe                   Bio  Surv
 Bullock, Uriah J. (Capt)          Bio  Surv
 Bunsen, Gustav                    Bio  Died
 Burbridge, Thomas                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Burke, David N. (Capt)            Bio  Surv
 Burks, Allen                      Bio  Surv
[Burt, Benjamin F.]                     Died  [G]
 Burt, F. C.                       Bio  Died
 Bush[Bouch], Gabriel              Bio  Died  [G]
 Butler, Bennett                   Bio  Surv
 Butler, Moses                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Butler, William H.                Bio  Died
 Bynum, Alfred                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Byrne, James                      TSHA Surv
 Byrne, Matthew                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Cable, James                           Died
 Cain, J. W.                       Bio  Died  [G]
 Callaghan, Joseph                 Bio  Surv
 Callahan, James H.                Bio  Surv
 Callicoate, James B.              Bio  Surv
 Callison, James Henry             Bio  Died
 Cannell, B. F. S.                 Bio  Surv
 Cantwell, Thomas                  Bio  Surv
 Carbajal, Mariano                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Carlisle, G. W. [Geo. Washington] Bio  Died  [G]
 Carpenter, [Joseph]               Bio  Died
 Carrer[Carrier], Charles J.       Bio  Died  [G]
 Carroll, Michael [E.]             Bio  Died  [G]
 Caruthers, Ewing                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Cash, George W.                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Cass, James M.                    Bio  Died
 Chadwick, Joseph M.               Bio  Died  [G]
 Chambers, J. L. [John L.]         Bio  Died?
 Chenoweth, John                   TSHA Surv
 Chew, John                        Bio  Died  [G]
 Chisum, E. P. Garry               Bio  Died  [G] [Chisum, Enoch P. Gains]
 Christie, John                    Bio  Surv
[Churchill, Thomas T.]                            See Churchwell, Thomas S.
 Churchwell, Thomas S.             Bio  Died  [G] [Churchill, Thomas T.]
 Clark, B. M.                      Bio  Unkn
 Clark, J.[Joseph] H.              Bio  Died  [G]
 Clark, Seth                       Bio  Died  [G]
 Clements, Joseph                  Bio  Surv
 Coe, John G.                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Coglan, George W.                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Cole, William H.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Colegrove, John H.                Bio  Died
 Coleman, Jacob                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Collett, John                     Bio  Surv
 Colston, John [William John]      Bio  Died  [G]
 Comstock, William                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Conner, Seth [Stith]              Bio  Died
 Conrad, Cullen                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Conway, Matthew                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Cook, James                       Bio  Surv
 Cooke, Thomas                     Bio  Died
 Cooke, William G. (Capt)          TSHA Surv
 Cooney[Coney], Henry              Bio  Died
 Cooper, Dillard                   Bio  Surv
 Copeland, George                  Bio  Surv
 Cosby, Thomas H.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Cowan, W. J. [William J.]         Bio  Died  [G]
 Cox, Harvey                       Bio  Died  [G]
 Cox, Thomas B.                    Bio  Unkn
 Cozart, Henderson                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Crittenden, William               Bio  Surv
 Cross, John                       Bio  Died  [G]
 Cummings[Cumming], George W.      Bio  Died  [G]
 Cunningham, John D.               Bio  Died  [G]
 Curtis, Stilman S.                Bio  Surv
 Curtman, George Francis           Bio  Died  [G]
 Dale, J. Benjamin                 Bio  Died
 Daniel, George Washington         Bio  Died  [G] [Daniell]
 Darnell, Robert M.                Bio  Surv
 Dasher, Thomas Jefferson          Bio  Died  [G]
 Davidson, R. T. [Robert T.]       Bio  Died  [G]
 Davis, Fields                     Bio  Died
 Davis, George A.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Davis, Jackson                    Bio  Died
 Davis, Perry                      Bio  Surv
 Davis[Daws], Walter W.            Bio  Died  [G]
 Day, H. B.                        Bio  Died  [G]
 Debicki, Louis Napoleon           Bio  Died  [G] [Debicki, Napoleon]
 Deckeman[Dickerman], William P.   Bio  Died  [G]
 Dedrick, George                   Bio  Died  [G]
 DeMoss, Lewis                     Bio  Surv
 DeMoss, William                   Bio  Surv
 Dennis, Joseph                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Dennison, Stephen                 Bio  Died
 Derrett, Silas                    Bio  Surv      [Durret, Silas M.]
[DeSpain, Randolph]                               See Spain, Randolph T.
 Devereaux, Michael                Bio  Died  [G]
 Devinney, N. J.                   Bio  Surv      [Devenny, Neill John]
[Dickerman, William P.]                           See Deckeman, William P.
 Dickinson, Noah, Jr.              Bio  Died  [G]
 Dickinson, Robert                 Bio  Surv
 Dickson, A. [Abijah Hogan]        Bio  Died  [G]
 Dickson, Henry H.                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Dieterich, Francis                Bio  Surv
 Disney, Richard                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Donnelly, James                   Bio  Surv
 Donohoo[Donoho], John                  Died  [G]
 Dorsey, Alfred                    Bio  Died
 Douglas, William G.               Bio  Died  [G]
 Douglass, Henry L.                Bio  Died  [G]
 Downman, Henry M.                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Dubose, William P.B.[Perry Brown] Bio  Died  [G]
 Duffield, J. E.                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Duncan, James W.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Duncan, William                   Bio  Surv
 Durain, Edmond                    Bio  Surv
[Durret, Silas M.]                                See Derritt, Silas
 Dusanque, Francis J.              Bio  Died  [G]
 Duval, Burr H. (Capt)             Bio  Died  [G]
 Duval, John Crittenden            Bio  Surv
 Dyer, George                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Eadock, Henry [Henry H.]          Bio  Died[?]
 Earle, Richard B.                 Bio  Surv
 Early, Francis S.                 Bio  Surv
 Eastland, Nicholas W.             Bio  Surv
 Eddy, Andrew H.                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Edwards, Samuel M.                Bio  Died  [G]
 Eells[Eels], Otis G.              Bio  Died  [G]
 Ehrenberg, Herman                 Bio  Surv
 Eigenauer, Conrad                 Bio  Died
 Elliot, James D.                  Bio  Surv
 Ellis, James E.                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Ellis, Michael                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Elmore, J. H.                     Bio  Died
 Ely, John                         Bio  Died  [G]
 English, Robert                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Escott,                           Bio  Died  [G]
 Eubanks, George                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Fadden, John                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Fagan, Nicholas                   Bio  Surv
 Fannin, James Walker (Col)        Bio  Died  [G]
 Farney, Samuel                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Fennell, George                   Bio  Surv
 Fenner, Joseph                    Bio  Surv
 Fenner, Robert                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Ferguson, Joseph G.               Bio  Died  [G]
 Field, Dr. Joseph E.              Bio  Surv
 Fine, Charles                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Fisher, John H.                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Fitzsimmons, Edward               Bio  Died  [G]
 Foley, Arthur G.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Forbes, Richard P.                Bio  Died
 Foster, J. A.                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Fowler, Bradford                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Francis, William C.               Bio  Surv
 Francois, Sebastian               Bio  Surv
 Franklin, Elijah B.               Bio  Died  [G]
 Frazer, Charles                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Frazer[Fraser], Hugh McDonald     Bio  Died  [G] (Capt)
 Frazer, William W.[Warren]        Bio  Died  [G]
 Frazier, Micajah G.               Bio  Died  [G]
 Freeman, Thomas S.                Bio  Died  [G]
 Frizell, T. R. [Terrell R.]       Bio  Died  [G]
 Frost, Hezekiah                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Fuller, Edward                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Gallagher, Dominic                Bio  Died  [G]
 Gamble, D.[David]                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Gamble, Joseph                    Bio  Surv
 Garcia, Francisco                 Bio  Surv
 Garner, Edward                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Garner, John T.                   Bio  Surv
 Garner, M. C.                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Gates, Lucius W.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Gatlin, William James             Bio  Died  [G]
 George, Jefferson                 Bio  Surv
 Gibbs, John                       Bio  Died  [G]
 Gibbs, Lewis C.                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Giebenrath, Imanuel Frederic      Bio  Died  [G]
 Gilbert, William                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Gilkison, Francis                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Gilland, George M.                Bio  Died  [G]
 Gimble, John                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Gleeson, John                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Good, Isham J.                    Bio  Surv
 Gordon, Thomas                    Bio  Died
 Gould                             Bio  Died  [G]
 Grace, John E. [John C.]          Bio  Died  [G]
 Grant, Dr. James                  TSHA Died
 Graves, Ransome O.                Bio  Died  [G]
 Gray, Francis H.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Green, George                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Green, William T.                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Greene, D. [Sion Duff]            Bio  Surv
 Greynolds[Grinolds], E. J. D.     Bio  Died  [G]
 Grice, James B.                   Bio  Surv
 Griffin, Peter                    Bio  Surv
 Grimes, James H.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Gunter, William                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Hadden[Haddon], William           Bio  Surv
 Haley, Michael                         Unkn      Fraser's company
 Hall, William [William L.]        Bio [Surv]
 Halsey, E. B.                     Bio  Unkn
 Hamilton, Isaac D.                Bio  Surv
 Hamilton, James [James A.]        Bio  Died  [G]
 Hamlet, Richard Green             Bio  Died?
 Hammock, Roderick Pierce          Bio  Surv
 Hand, John J.                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Hardaway, Samuel G.               Bio  Surv
 Hardwick, Charles S.              Bio  Died  [G]
 Harper, William                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Harris, Jesse                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Harris, William                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Harrison, Erasmus D.              Bio  Died  [G]
 Haskell, Charles Ready            Bio  Died  [G]
 Hastie, Henry                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Hatfield, William R.              Bio  Died  [G]
 Havens, Smith L.                  Bio  Surv
 Hawkins, Norborne B. N.           Bio  Died  [G] [Norborne B.]
 Hazen, Nathaniel                  Bio  Surv
 Heartt, Dr. W. Charles P.         Bio  Died      [Heartt, Dr. Charles P.]
 Heath, Ebenezer Smith             Bio  Died  [G]
 Heck, Charles F.                  Bio  Surv
 Helms, Wilson                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Hemphill, William                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Henley, James                     Bio  Died
 Heth, Joel F.                     Bio  Died
 Heyser, John                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Hicks, Joseph W.                  Bio  Surv
 Hill, Stuart                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Hitchard, John                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Hitchcock, Andrew J.[Jackson]     Bio  Surv
 Hodge, Nathan                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Holland, Benjamin H.              Bio  Surv
 Holliday, John C.                 Bio  Surv
 Holt, David J. [David I.]         Bio  Surv      alias "Ned Bucket"
 Hood, J. W.                       Bio  Surv
 Hopkins, Joseph                   Bio  Surv
 Horry, Thomas                     Bio  Surv
[Hort, Dr. William M. W.]               Died      See Hoyt, Dr.
 Horton, Albert Clinton (Capt)     Bio  Surv
 Howard, J. T.                     Bio  Died
[Howe, Joseph]                          Surv
 Hoyt, Dr. [Hort, William M. W.]   Bio  Died      See Editor's Note 4 
 Hudson, Henry G.                  Bio  Surv
 Huff, John                        Bio  Surv
 Hufty, Edward H.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Hughes, Benjamin Franklin         Bio  Surv      [Benjamin H.]
 Hughes, James                     Bio  Died      (spared, but died)
 Hughes, Wesley                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Hughes, Wiley                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Humphries, Jesse C.               Bio  Died  [G]
 Hunt, Francis M.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Hunter, William                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Hunter, William L.                Bio  Surv
 Hurst, Stephen Decatur (Capt Art) Bio  Died  [G]
 Ingram, Allen                     Bio  Surv
 Irish, Milton                     Bio  Surv
 Isom, Lucius D.                   Bio  Died
 Jack, James C.                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Jackson, John                     Bio  Died
 Jackson, John N.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Jacques, William                  Bio  Died
 James                             Bio  Died  [G]
 James, John                       Bio  Died  [G]
 Jennings, Charles B.              Bio  Died  [G]
 Jenson, Charles                   Bio  Surv
 Jetty[Petty], Rufus R.            Bio  Died  [G]
 Johnson, David                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Johnson, Edward J.                Bio  Died  [G]
 Johnson, Francis W. (Col)         TSHA Surv
 Johnson, Joseph Smith             Bio  Died
 Johnston, William P.              Bio  Died  [G]
 Johnston[Johnson], William R.     Bio  Died
 Jones, David J.                   Bio  Surv
 Jones, Francis                    Bio  Surv
 Jones, Henry W.                   Bio  Died  [G]
[Jones, John]                           Surv
 Jones, Nelson                     Bio  Surv
 Kelly, James                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Kelly, John                       Bio  Died  [G]
 Kelly, John                       Bio  Died
 Kemp, James P.                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Kemp, Thomas                      Bio  Surv
 Kennymore, John C. P.             Bio  Surv
 Kenyon, Amos D.                   Bio  Surv
 Kerr, Lewis[Lucius] H.            Bio  Surv
 Kincheloe, Augustus [S.]          Bio  Surv
 King, Amon B.[Butler] (Capt)      Bio  Died
 King, Montgomery P.               Bio  Died  [G] [Montgomery B.]
 Kinney, Allen O.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Kirk, Harvey H.                   Bio  Died
 Kissam, P. T.                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Kornicky, John [or Isaac]         Bio  Died  [G]
 Lamar, Basil                      Bio  Surv
[Lamkin, John James]                              See Lumpkin, John James
 Lamond, Adams G.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Langenheim, William               Bio  Surv
 Lantz, Charles                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Ledbetter, Snead                  Bio  Died
 Lee, Greer [or Green]             Bio  Died  [G]
 Levenman[Sevenman], Frederick     Bio  Died  [G] [or Seibenman]
 Leverett, Oscar F.                Bio  Died  [G]
 Lewis, Abraham                    Bio  Surv
 Lind, John                        Bio  Surv
 Linley, Charles                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Llewellyn/Lewellen, Thomas        Bio  Died
 Loe, P. W.                        Bio  Surv
 Logan, John C.                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Love, John H.                     Bio  Surv
 Loverly, Alexander J.             Bio  Died  [G]
 Loving, Joseph S.                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Lowrie[Lowary], John              Bio  Surv
 Ludington, E.[Elam]               Bio  Surv
 Lumpkin, John James               Bio  Surv
 Lynch, A. M.                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Lynd[Lynde], A. H.                Bio  Died  [G]
 Magee, Dr. William H.             Bio  Surv
 Mahan, Phineas Jenks              Bio  Surv
 Mahoney, Dennis                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Mangum, Aaron S.                  Bio  Surv
 Mann, William [H.]                Bio  Died
 Marshall, H. Obed [Horace Ovid]   Bio  Died
 Martin, Henry [or Harvey]         Bio  Died  [G]
 Martindale, Daniel                Bio  Surv
 Mason, William                    Bio  Surv
 Mattern, Peter                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Mays, Samuel A. J.                Bio  Died  [G]
 McCoy, James                      Bio  Died  [G]
 McDonald, James [A.]              Bio  Died  [G]
 McGloin, John                     Bio  Died  [G]
 McGowan, Dennis                   Bio  Died  [G]
 McGowan, John                     Bio  Died  [G]
 McIntosh, John                    Bio  Died
 McJohnson, Sargent                Bio  Died
 McKenzie, Kenneth                 Bio  Died  [G]
 McKinley, Charles                 Bio  Died  [G]
 McKneely, Samuel W.               Bio  Surv
 McKnight, George                  Bio  Died
 McLanglin, John G. [John C.]      Bio  Died
 McLean, Dugald                    Bio  Surv
 McLean, Munroe                    Bio  Surv
 McLennan, Alexander               Bio  Died  [G]
 McManomy, J. B. (1 Lt)            Bio  Died  [G]
 McMurray, William                 Bio  Died  [G]
 McNelly, Bennet                   Bio  Surv
 McSherry, James                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Merrifield, William J.[Jefferson] Bio  Died  [G]
 Miller,                                          Llewellyn's roll
 Miller, James M.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Miller, John H. [or Isaac H.]     Bio  Died  [G] "I.H." or "J.H." in LOMR
 Mills, Seabourn[Seaborn] A.       Bio  Died  [G]
 Milne, C. C. [Charles C.]         Bio  Died  [G]
 Minor, Drury Hugh                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Mitchell, James                   Bio  Surv
 Mitchell, Thomas S.               Bio  Surv
 Mitchell, Dr. Warren Jordan (Maj) Bio  Died  [G]
 Mitchell, Washington              Bio  Died  [G]
 Mixon, C. D. [Claiborne D.]       Bio  Died  [G]
 Moat, John                        Bio  Died  [G]
 Moody, Edward                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Moore, David                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Moore, James W.                   Bio  Surv
 Moore, John H.                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Moore, John O.                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Moran, Martin                     Bio  Surv
 Mordecai, Benjamin H.             Bio  Surv
 Morgan, Abel                      Bio  Surv      alias "Thomas Smith"
 Morgan, Charles                   Bio  Surv
 Morgan, J. F. [John F.]           Bio  Died  [G]
 Morris, Robert C. (Maj)           Bio  Died
 Moses, David                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Moses, M. K. [McK]                Bio  Surv
[Munson, Charles Rufus]                 Died  [G]
 Munson, James Rufus               Bio  Died?     not in Davenport 1939
 Murdock, David A.                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Murphy, Daniel                    Bio  Surv
 Murphy, James                     Bio  Died
 Murphy, James B.                  Bio  Died
 Neely, James H.                   Bio  Surv
 Neven, Patrick                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Nobles, Watkins                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Noland, James                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Numlin, John                      Bio  Died  [G]
 O'Daniel, John Jr.                Bio  Surv
 Odlum, Benjamin Digby             Bio  Surv
 Oliver, John M.                   Bio  Died  [G]
 O'Neal, Zeno R.                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Osborn, Abraham H.                Bio  Surv
 Osborn, John L.                   Bio  Surv
 Osborn, Patrick                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Osborn, Thomas                    Bio  Surv
 Owings, Robert G. [Robert Smith]  Bio  Died  [G]
 Pace, Robert A.                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Paine, George W.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Park, George S.                   Bio  Surv
 Parker, John K.                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Parker, William S.                Bio  Died  [G]
 Parks, William?                   Bio  Died?     (Cert., but not on roll)
 Parvin, William                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Patterson, Edward                 Bio  Surv
 Patton, Alexander E.              Bio  Surv
 Patton, Charles                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Pearson, Thomas K. (Capt Art)     Bio  Died
 Pease, L. T.                      Bio  Surv
 Penny, George W.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Perkins, [D. A. J.]               Bio  Died  [G]
 Perkins, Austin                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Perry, Edward                     Bio  Surv
 Peters, Wesley                    Bio  Surv
 Petrussewicz, A. Adolf            Bio  Died  [G]
 Petrussewicz, H. Francis          Bio  Died
 Pettuck, George                   Bio  Surv
 Pettus, Samuel O.[Overton] (Capt) Bio  Died  [G]
[Petty, Rufus R.]                                 See Jetty, Rufus R.
 Phillips, Charles                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Pierce, Stephen                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Pittman, Hutchins M.              Bio  Surv
 Pittman, James F.                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Pittman, Samuel C.                Bio  Died  [G]
 Powell, Frederick C.              Bio  Surv
 Powell, Lewis                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Powers, John M.                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Pressward, P. D.                  Bio  Surv
 Preusch, William G.               Bio  Died  [G]
 Quinn, James                      Bio  Surv
 Quinn, William                    Bio  Died
 Quirk, Thomas                     Bio  Died
 Rainey, Robert R.                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Rains, Joel D.                    Bio  Surv
 Randolph, Robert                  Bio  Surv
 Ray, Anderson                     Bio  Died
 Reed, James                       Bio  Died  [G]
 Rees, John                        Bio  Surv
 Rees, Thomas B.                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Reese, Perry                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Reeves[Rives], Thomas             Bio  Died  [G]
 Richards, John                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Riddel[Riddell], Samuel           Bio  Died  [G]
 Riddle, Joseph P.                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Riley, [Michael]                  Bio  Surv
 Ripley, Henry D.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Roberts, Thomas H.                Bio  Died  [G]
 Robinson, G. N. [George N.]       Bio  Surv
 Robinson, James M.                Bio  Died
[Robison, Thomas]?                      Surv      not in LOMR
 Rodgers, J. B. [John B.]          Bio  Died
 Rogers, Hugh                      Bio  Surv
 Rooney, Cornelius                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Rose, Gideon                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Rosenbury, William                Bio  Surv
 Rounds, George                    Bio  Surv
 Rowe, Samuel                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Rumley, Thomas                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Rutledge, Richard                 Bio  Surv
 Ryan, Edward                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Sanders, Samuel Smith             Bio  Died  [G]
 Sanders, Wade H.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Sargent, Charles                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Saunders, James H.                Bio  Died  [G]
 Savage, W. F. [William F.]        Bio  Died
 Sayers, Daniel                    Bio  Died      Goliad?
 Sayle, Antoine                    Bio  Died
 Schultz, Henry L.[Lewis]          Bio  Died  [G]
 Scott, Levi Pendleton             Bio  Surv
 Scott, R. J.                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Scurlock, William                 Bio  Surv
 Sealy, John                       Bio  Died  [G]
 Seaton, J. M.                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Seward John                       Bio  Died  [G]
 Shackelford, Fortunatus S.        Bio  Died  [G]
 Shackelford, Dr. Jack (Capt)      Bio  Surv
 Shackelford, William J.           Bio  Died  [G]
 Shaid, Jacob C.                   Bio  Surv
 Shain, Charles B.                 Bio  Surv
 Sharpe, V. [Augustus V.]          Bio  Surv
 Shaw, Robert                      Bio  Surv
 Shelton, William                  Bio  Died
 Shortt, Z. H.                     Bio  Died  [G] [Short, Zachariah H.]
[Siebenman, Frederick]                            See Levenman, Frederick
 Simmons, Moses                    Bio  Surv
 Simmons, S.                       Bio  Died  [G]
 Simpson, Lawson S.                Bio  Died  [G]
 Simpson, William N. [William K.]  Bio  Died
 Simpson, Wilson                   Bio  Surv
 Slatter, Randolph                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Smith, Brittain E.                Bio  Surv
 Smith, Charles                    Bio  Surv
 Smith, Gavin H.                   Bio  Died
 Smith, James                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Smith, John                       Bio  Surv
 Smith, Oliver                     Bio  Died
 Smith, Sidney                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Smith, Thomas                                    See Morgan, Abel
 Smith, Thomas J.                  Bio  Surv
 Smith, William A.                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Spain, Randolph T.                Bio  Died  [G] [DeSpain, Randolph]
 Spence/Spease/[Spiess],           Bio  Surv
 Spencer, Henry                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Spillers[Spiller], John T.        Bio  Surv
 Spohn, Joseph H.                  Bio  Surv
 Spotswood, George D.              Bio  Died
 Sprague, Samuel (Actg Lt)         Bio  Died  [G]
 Stephens, William                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Stevens, Abraham                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Stewart, Charles B.               Bio  Died  [G]
 Stewart, John C.                  Bio  Died
 Stewart, Thomas G.                Bio  Surv
 Stewart, William S.               Bio  Surv
 Stovall, Joseph A.                Bio  Died  [G]
 Strunk, B.[Bennett]               Bio  Died  [G]
 Swords, Archibald                 Bio  Died
 Taliaferro, Benjamin W.           Bio  Died  [G]
 Tarvin, David                     Bio  Surv
 Tatem[Tatom], Joseph B.           Bio  Died  [G]
 Tatem[Tatom], Memory B.           Bio  Died  [G]
 Taylor, Kneeland                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Tennant, Simpson                  Bio  Surv
 Terrell, Christopher              Bio  Surv
 Thayer, George J. W.              Bio  Died  [G]
 Thomas, Evans B.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Thompson, Thomas [S.]             Bio  Surv
 Thomson, John W.                  Bio  Unkn
 Thorn, John Stephen               Bio  Died  [G]
 Thornton, Francis W.              Bio  Surv
 Ticknor, Issac (Capt)             Bio  Died  [G]
 Tilson, Lewis                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Toler, Daniel J.                  Bio  Surv
 Toler, Robert A.                  Bio  Died
 Trezevant, James P.               Bio  Surv
 Turberville, W. S.                Bio  Died  [G] [Turbeville, Wilkins S.]
 Tyler, John                       Bio  Died  [G]
 Van Bibber, John                  Bio  Surv
 Van Bibber, Sydney                Bio  Surv
 Vaughan, James                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Vaughan, William E.               Bio  Died  [G]
 Vigal, George Marion              Bio  Died  [G]
 Volckman, Frederick J.            Bio  Died  [G]
 Vose, John George Andrew          Bio  Surv
 Waddell, George W.                Bio  Surv
 Wadsworth, William A. O. (Capt)   Bio  Died  [G]
 Waggoner, William                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Wallace, A. J.                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Wallace, Benjamin C. (Maj)        Bio  Died  [G]
 Wallace, Samuel P.                Bio  Died  [G]
 Wallace, William                  Bio  Died
 Wallington, William               Bio  Surv
 Walsh, John H.                         Died
 Ward, Henry L.                    Bio  Died[?]
 Ward, John L. [Ward, John]        Bio  Died[?]
 Ward, William (Lt Col)            Bio  Died  [G]
 Washington, Lewis M. H.           Bio  Surv
 Waters, Nicholas B.               Bio  Died  [G]
 Watson, J. B.                     Bio  Surv
 Watson, Joseph W.                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Weaver, Alman                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Webb, James                       Bio  Died  [G]
 Weeks, Thomas G.                  Bio  Died
 Welsh, John                       Bio  Died?
 Welsh, William                    Bio  Surv
 Wentworth, J. W.                  Bio  Died
 West, Durant                      Bio  Surv
 West, James                       Bio  Died  [G]
 Weston, Thomas                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Westover, Ira J. (Capt)           Bio  Died  [G]
 Wheeler, Orlando                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Wheelwright, George W.            Bio  Surv
 White, Alvin E.                   Bio  Surv
 White, James                      Bio  Surv
 White, William                    Bio  Surv
 Wilder, James S.                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Wilkey, Henry                     Bio  Died  [G]
 Wilkinson, William L.             Bio  Surv
 Williams,                         Bio  Died
 Williams, A. B. [Abner B.]        Bio  Died  [G]
 Williams, Barton                  Bio  Died
 Williams, J.                      Bio  Died?
 Williams, James                   Bio  Surv? [G] [Died]
 Williams, John                    Bio  Surv
 Williams, Joseph T.               Bio  Died      [Surv]
 Williams, Napoleon B.             Bio  Died  [G]
 Williams, T. R.                   Bio  Surv
 Williams, William                 Bio  Died
 Williamson, James                      Surv
 Wilson, J.                        Bio  Died
 Wilson, James                     Bio  Surv
 Wilson, Joseph T. [Joseph L.]     Bio  Died
 Wilson, Robert W.                 Bio  Died  [G]
 Wilson, Samuel                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Wingate, Edward                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Winn, James C. (Capt)             Bio  Died  [G]
 Winningham, William S.            Bio  Died  [G]
 Winship, Stephen                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Winter, Andrew                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Winters, Christopher              Bio  Died
 Witt, Hughes                      Bio  Died  [G]
 Womack, Jesse                     Bio  Surv
 Wood, Henry H.                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Wood, John                        Bio  Died  [G]
 Wood, Samuel                      Bio  Died
 Wood, William
 Wood, William P.                      [Died] [G]
 Wren, Allen                           [Died] [G]
 Wright, Isaac Newton                  [Died] [G]
 Wright, Ralph                     Bio  Surv
 Wuthrich, Ulrich                  Bio  Surv
 Wyatt, Peyton S. (Capt)           TSHA Surv
 Wyatt, R. G.                      Bio  Surv
 Yeamans, Elias                    Bio  Died  [G]
 Yeamans, Erastus                  Bio  Died  [G]
 Yearly, William W.                Bio  Surv
 Young, Harrison                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Young, James O.                   Bio  Died  [G]
 Youngblood, Solomon               Bio  Died  [G]
 About 688 men

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