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Chronology Concerning Fannin and His Men

3 Nov 1835 San Felipe:  Temporary Texan government organized.
15 Nov 1835  Mexico:  Gen. Jose Antonio Mexia's Tampico Expedition failed.
10 Dec 1835  San Antonio:  Mexican forces under Gen. Cos surrendered to Col. Benjamin Milam's Texan forces.
Dec 1835  San Antonio:  Col. F. W. Johnson and Dr. James Grant organized their Matamoros Expedition.
30 Dec 1835  Mexico:  Mexican Congress decreed that captured, armed foreigners should be shot.
Jan 1836  Copano/Refugio/Goliad:  Texan forces began to arrive.
22 Jan 1836  Goliad:  Diminished Johnson and Grant Matamoros Expedition proceeded to San Patricio.
Early Feb 1836 Refugio/Goliad:  Fannin arrived with "Georgia Battalion" and others; organized a second, "La Fayette Battalion" from available companies.
23 Feb 1836  San Antonio:  Santa Anna attacked the Alamo.
27 Feb 1836  Battle of San Patricio:  Most of Col. F.W. Johnson's party killed or captured by Gen. Urrea and sent to Matamoros.
2 Mar 1836  Battle of Agua Dulce Creek:  Most of Dr. Grant's party killed or captured by Gen. Urrea and sent to Matamoros.
2 Mar 1836  Washington-on-the-Brazos:  Declaration of Independence, David G. Burnet - temporary president, Sam Houston - Commander of the Army.
6 Mar 1836  San Antonio:  Fall of the Alamo, Lt. Col. W. Barrett Travis Command.
12-15 Mar
  Battle of Refugio Mission:  Capt. King surrendered remaining company to Gen. Urrea.; King and most men shot next day; Lt. Col. Wm. Ward's command retreated toward Victoria.
20 Mar 1836  Battle of Coleto:  Col. Fannin surrendered remaining command to Gen. Urrea.
21 Mar 1836  Victoria:  3 prisoners shot by Capt. Pretalia.
22 Mar 1836  Dimmitt's Landing:  Lt. Col. Ward surrendered remaining company to Gen. Urrea; most taken to Goliad.
27 Mar 1836  Goliad:  Massacre of Col. James W. Fannin's Command
21 Apr 1836  Capture of Santa Anna at San Jacinto, Texas, by Maj. Gen. Sam Houston, Texas Army.
29 Feb 1836  Muster rolls of Fannin Command sent to Washington on the Brazos.
9 Nov 1836  Telegraph and Texas Register roll of Fannin's men published. (Online, this site.)
24 May 1838  Joint resolution of Texas Congress for a special headright of land to the heirs of those who fell with Fannin, Travis, Grant, and Johnson in the spring of 1836.
1850  Muster rolls of Fannin Command (29 Feb 1836) copied into Texas General Land Office book, titled (since 1996), MUSTER ROLLS #1, 1850. (See LOMR in Bibliography.)
circa 1855  Dr. Joseph H. Barnard's revised roll of Fannin's men. Online transcription, this site.
10 Oct 1855  Most of Adjutant General's records, including 29 Feb 1836 rolls of the Fannin Command, destroyed by fire.
1856/1857  A second book, titled (since 1996) MUSTER ROLLS #2, 1856/1857, for use by the Texas Court of Claims. The book includes what appear to be additional copies of Fannin's 29 Feb 1836 muster rolls, made before the AGO fire, along with later material. (See LOMR in Bibliography.)
1 Jun 1936  Notes from an Unfinished Study of Fannin and His Men, Harbert Davenport, unpublished. (This web site.)
July 1939  "The Men of Goliad", Harbert Davenport, Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. XLVII, No. 1, Texas State Historical Association, Austin, July 1939, pp.1-41. (This Appendix A.)
1967  BOUNTY AND DONATION LAND GRANTS OF TEXAS, 1835-1888, Thomas Lloyd Miller, Univ. of Texas Press, Austin, 894 pp., 1967. Abstracts of Texas General Land Office records of military bounty and donation land grants and patents. (Online name index.)
1986  MUSTER ROLLS OF THE TEXAS REVOLUTION, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Austin, Texas, 318 pp., 29 cm. From Texas General Land Office's name indexes and MUSTER ROLLS #2, 1856/57. (See LOMR in Bibliography.)
1997  Transcription and online publication of MUSTER ROLLS #1, 1850, Section C, H. David Maxey and Michael T. Moore, Archivist of the Texas General Land Office. (See LOMR in Bibliography.)

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