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Editor's Note

Appendix B
Thomas L. Miller, 1958  (Online, this site.)

Miller's paper reports some results from a three year study of military land grants in Texas, results pertaining to Bounty and Donation land grants awarded for service in the Goliad Campaign of the Texas Revolution. Miller compares his list of grantee names with the following published lists:

  • The Telegraph and Texas Register roll of Fannin's men, 1836, reprinted in the Texas Almanac, 1860. (Online, this site.)

  • "The Men of Goliad", Harbert Davenport, Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. XLVII, No. 1, Texas State Historical Association, Austin, July 1939, pp.1-41. (Online, this Appendix A.)

and finds twenty-seven names that possibly should be added to or changed in the earlier lists. There are some problems in doing so.

"The Men of Goliad" (Davenport 1939) was based on Davenport's 1936 manuscript containing biographical sketches of most of the men (Davenport 1936, online, this site) plus three years subsequent research. Davenport acknowledges use of abstracts of Headright, Bounty and Donation files furnished to him by the historian Louis Wiltz Kemp, who did an earlier study of the Texas General Land Office records. Also, Davenport 1939 concentrates on men Davenport believed were in Fannin's final command, leaving out names of men in the earlier command and men for whom he had convincing evidence that contradicted the Bounty and Donation file information. The Texas government granted bounties and donations to more than just the men in Fannin's final command.

Miller seems not to have consulted the Davenport 1936 manuscript, at least he does not argue against Davenport's reasons for excluding some names. So we have a difference of expert opinion that can not be resolved without a modern study of all surviving records of a man. Republic records continue to surface from time to time. The Goliad Massacre victim William S. Brown was identified in 1999 as William Silvan Brown of Montreal, Canada (see biographical sketch added to Davenport 1936.)

In 1967 Miller published his complete study of the Land Office records (see Bibliography) which contains four additional names that differ from the lists in the Davenport works. A list of all men from the Goliad Campaign in Miller's Bounty and Donation land grant abstracts is online, this site.

All this Editor can do is offer the following simple comparison of additional names in Miller 1958 and 1967 and the names in Davenport 1936 and 1939. The reader can make a detailed comparison from the online sources. The Land Office Muster Rolls (LOMR) are online also (see Bibliography.)

Miller 1958 & 1967
(M58, M67)
DAVENPORT 1936 & 1939
(D36, D39)
Miller 1958 is in error for the following names as they actually are in Davenport 1939:
Pittman, Samuel C.in D36, D39
Shackleford, Jackin D36, D39
Some names not in Davenport 1939 are in Davenport 1936. (In his 1939 paper Davenport left out some names of men he considered not in Fannin's final command, or for reasons not always documented.)
Acklin, Joseph S. A.in D36
Bridgeman, G. F.in D36
Brown, William A. J.in D36
Buchanan, Green B.in D36
Huff, Johnin D36
King, M. P.in D36
Mangum, Aaron S.in D36
Munson, James R.in D36
Park, G. S.in D36
Robinson, James M.in D36
Spotswood, G. D.in D36
Yearly, William W.in D36
Names for which Davenport's conclusions differ, based on evidence available to him:
Aarons, AllisonAllison Ames in D36, D39
Calke, James [M67]James Cable in D36,
James Cable/Calk in LOMR
Colston/Coulson, John
(alias William S.)
John Colston/Coulson,
William S. Colston in D36
William John Colston in D39
Davis, O. H. P.O. H. Perry Davis in D36, D39
Davis, PerryO. H. Perry Davis in D36, D39
Dembriskie, N.N. Debicki/Dembriskie in D36, D39
Dickerson, Noah [M67]Dickinson, Noah Jr. in D36, D39
Dixon, HenryHenry H. Dickson/Dixon in D36, D39
Powell, T. C.Frederick C. Powell in D36
Remaining names, possibly not accounted for in Davenport 1936 or 1939:
Carlson, William S.not in D36 or D39
Caruthers, Jamesnot in D36 or D39
Conley, Thomas H.not in D36 or D39
Mayer, Williamas Wm. Magee in D36, not in D39
Miller, Andrew J.not in D36 or D39
Moore, Joseph H. [M67]not in D36 or D39
Ross, Gideonnot in D36 or D39
Tolliver, B. W. [M67]not in D36 or D39
Ward, William (2 men)1 man in D36, D39
D36: Davenport, Harbert, "Notes from an Unfinished Study of Fannin and his Men", 1936. (This online manuscript)
D39: Davenport, Harbert, "The Men of Goliad", Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. XLVII, No. 1, Austin: Texas State Historical Association, July 1939, pp.1-41. (Online, this Appendix A)
LOMR:  Land Office Muster Rolls, see Bibliography.
M58: Miller, Thomas L., "Fannin's Men, Some Additions to Earlier Rosters", Southwestern Historical Quarterly 61 (April 1958): 522-532. (Online, this Appendix B)
M67: Miller, Thomas Lloyd, Bounty and Donation Land Grants of Texas, 1835-1888, Austin: University of Texas Press, 894 pp., 1967.

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