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A combined bibliography for "Notes from an Unfinished Study ..." and "The Men of Goliad". References to later biographies and online publication have been added.   Contents:

 1.   Manuscript Collections, Texas State Library and Archives
 2.   Manuscript Collections, Texas General Land Office
 3.   Printed Republic Sources
 4.   Histories
 5.   Biographies and Personal Narratives

(Note:  Many of the printed references have been reprinted or republished and can be borrowed through interlibrary loan.)

1. Manuscript Collections, Texas State Library and Archives
1) AGO - Adjutant General Office certificates and other documents
2) CMSR - Comptroller's Military Service Records
3) Commission of Claims Papers
4) MDS or MSD - Memorials filed with Department of State
5) Military Rolls - Captain's record of his soldiers' service
6) Pension Papers
7) Public Debt Papers
8) Spoliation Claims Papers
9) Consultation Papers
10) Army Papers
Note:  Some of the above material has been indexed and the Republic Claims put online as scanned images at the Texas State Library and Archives web site. (The TSLA has changed the designation and organization of Davenport's sources of 1936 so some searching will be required.)

Barnard, Dr. Joseph H., "Revised Roll of Fannin's Men", manuscript, Texas State Library and Archives, Austin, 9 leaves, 20x32 cm. Online transcription, this site. Description p. 23. Published in Duval 1892.

Davenport, Harbert, "Notes from an Unfinished Study of Fannin and His Men," manuscript source for this online document, The Harbert Davenport Collection, Texas State Library and Archives, 1936. (See The Manuscripts for location of the manuscript drafts.)

2. Manuscript Collections, Texas General Land Office
1) Commission of Claims Files
2) Headright, Bounty, and Donation Land Grant Records

TGLO Land Grant Abstracts - Online database, under "Archives & Records", then "Finding Aids".

TGLO Original Land Grant Maps - County maps showing original land grants. (Simplest to telephone TGLO and ask to purchase a blueprint of last version of a county map.)

Kemp, Louis Wiltz, unpublished studies used by Harbert Davenport for his work on "The Goliad Men", 1939.

Miller, Thomas Lloyd, Bounty and Donation Land Grants of Texas, 1835-1888, Austin: University of Texas Press, 894 pp., 1967. Online name index at: Index to Military Rolls of the Republic of Texas 1835-1845.

Miller, Thomas Lloyd, "Fannin's Men: Some Additions to Earlier Rosters," Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Austin: Texas State Historical Association, v. LXI, No. 4, pp. 523-532, April, 1958. Online, this Appendix B.

3) LOMR - Land Office Muster Rolls, two bound volumes titled, since 1996:
Muster Rolls #1, 1850

Muster Rolls #2, 1856/57 - published as Muster Rolls of the Texas Revolution, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Austin, Texas, 318 p., 29 cm, 1986.

The web site: Index to Military Rolls of the Republic of Texas 1835-1845   includes:
  • TGLO Muster Roll Story, of the two volumes
  • Online publication of Muster Rolls #1, 1850, Section C
  • Partial Name Index, including both volumes

3. Printed Republic Sources
Barker, Eugene C., Ed., The Austin Papers, Volumes I-III, Washington: Government Printing Office, 3 v. in 4, 25cm, 1924-28. Documents of Moses and Stephen F. Austin.

Barker, Eugene C., and Amelia J. Williams, Eds., The Writings of Sam Houston, Volume I, Austin: The University of Texas Press, 23 cm, 1938.

Day, James M., Comp., Texas Almanac, 1857-1873: A Compendium of Texas History, Waco: Texian Press, 1967.

Binkley, William C., Ed., The Official Correspondence of the Texan Revolution, 1835-1836, Volumes I and II, New York, London: D. Appleton-Century Co., 2 v., 23 cm, c1936.

Gammel, H. P. N., The Laws of Texas, Volumes I-XVI, Austin: Gammel Book Co., Austin, 25 cm, 1898. Online at the University of North Texas Libraries.

Garrison, George P., Ed., Diplomatic Correspondence of the Republic of Texas, Secretary of State, Volume I, Washington: Government printing office, 25 cm, 1908.

L.P. - Lamar Papers, The Papers of Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar, Volumes I-VI, published by Texas State Library and Archives, Austin, usually cited by number only, 24 cm. Published in seven volumes, same title, 1921-1927.

Quarterly - The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volumes I-XLII, publication of the Texas State Historical Association, Austin. The first 100 volumes are online at the TSHA web site.

T&TR Roll - The several versions of the Telegraph and Texas Register roster of Fannin's men. See pp. 21-22 for publications or online, this site.

The Texas Almanac, Galveston News, Galveston: Richardson and Co., 1858, 1860, 1870.

White, Gifford, The Lost Book of Harris County, copied from the original in the General Land Office, Austin: G. White, 1 v., 28 cm, 1968. Contains minutes of the Board of Land Commissioners for Harris County, Texas.

4. Histories
Baker, D. W. C., Compiler, A Texas Scrap Book, New York: A. S. Barnes & Co., 657 p., [25] leaves of plates, ill.; 22 cm, 1875.

Bancroft, Hubert Howe, History of Texas and North Mexican States, Volumes I and II, San Francisco: The History Co., 1886-1890.

Barker, Eugene C. and Francis W. Johnson, A History of Texas and Texans, Chicago and New York: American Historical Society, 5 v. front, illus., plates, ports., plan, 28 cm, paged continuously, 1914.

Bartholomae, Edgar William, A Translation of H. Ehrenberg's Fahrten und Schicksale Eines Deutschen in Texas, manuscript, University of Texas Archives.

Brown, John Henry, Life and Times of Henry Smith, First American Governor of Texas, Dallas: A. D. Aldridge & Co., 395 p., 24 cm, index, 1887.

_________________, History of Texas from 1685 to 1892, St. Louis: L. E. Daniell, 2 v, illus., plates, ports. 24 cm, 1892-93.

_________________, Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas, Austin: L. E. Daniell, 1880. Online at the University of North Texas Libraries.

Castañeda, Carlos E., The Mexican side of the Texan revolution (1836) by the chief Mexican participants, General Antonio Lopez de Santa-Anna, D. Ramon Martinez Caro, General Vicente Filisola, General José Urrea, General José María Tornel, Dallas: P. L. Turner Co., vii, 391 p. ill., maps, incl. facsims, 25 cm, c1928. Translated with notes.

Davenport, Harbert, "The Men of Goliad", Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. XLVII, No. 1, Austin: Texas State Historical Association, July 1939, pp.1-41. (This Appendix A.)

Foote, Henry Stuart, Texas and Texans, Philadelphia: Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co., 2 v., 18 cm, 1841.

Ford, John S., Memoirs, MS, John Salmon Ford Papers, Barker Texas History Center, University of Texas at Austin.

Gray, William Fairfax, From Virginia to Texas, 1835, Houston: Gray, Dillaye & Co., viii, 230 p., 23.5 cm, 1909. Online at Southern Methodist University, William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies, then "The Library of Texas".

Green, Thomas Jefferson, Journal of the Texian Expedition Against Mier, New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 82 Cliff Street, 1845. Republication, Sam W. Haynes, Ed., Austin: W. Thomas Taylor, 325 p., 1993. Online at Southern Methodist University, William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies, then "The Library of Texas".

Hardin, Stephen L., Texian Iliad: A Military History of the Texas Revolution, Austin: University of Texas Press, ill., xix, 321 p., 1994.

Kennedy, William, Texas: The Rise, Progress and Prospects of the Republic of Texas, London: R. Hastings, 2v. maps (2 fold.) 22 cm, 1841.

Pease, L. T., "Geographical and Historical View of Texas with ... Texian Revolution and War", in John M. Niles, South America and Mexico, Hartford: H. Huntington, 2 v. in 1, ill. 2 fold., col. maps, 21 cm, pp. 213-370, 1837.

Rose, Victor M., History of Victoria County, Laredo, Texas: Daily Times Print, 1883.

Templeton, Frank, Margaret Ballentine; or, The Fall of the Alamo: A Romance of the Texas Revolution, 1907.

Thrall, Homer S., A Pictorial History of Texas, St. Louis: N. D. Thompson, xix, 861 p., 2 fold. maps, plates, ports. 24 cm, 1879, 1883, 1885.

Wooten, Dudley G., Ed., A Comprehensive History of Texas, 1685-1897, Dallas: W. G. Scarff, 2v. illus. (incl. plan) plates, maps, 26 cm, 1898.

Yoakum, Henderson K., History of Texas, New York: Redfield, 2 v., ill., maps, plates, 23 cm, 1855. Online at the University of North Texas Libraries.

5. Biographies and Personal Narratives
THE HANDBOOK OF TEXAS ONLINE, Texas State Historical Association web site.

Veterans of the Battle of San Jacinto. Biographical sketches by Louis Wiltz Kemp (1881-1956). Web site under development at the San Jacinto Museum of History, Herzstein Library, Veteran Biographies. Also a brochure of names, The Honor Roll of the Battle of San Jacinto: The Complete List of Participants and Personnel on Detached Services, San Jacinto Museum of History, One Monument Circle, La Porte, Texas 77571-9585, 19 pp., 1993.

THE TEXIAN WEB - a consortium of web sites dedicated to the scholarly and historically accurate depiction of early Texas history.

SONS OF DEWITT COLONY TEXAS - web site with personal narratives by and about some of Fannin's men and their Mexican adversaries.

Duval, John C., The Adventures of Big-Foot Wallace, the Texas Ranger and Hunter, J. W. Burke, Macon, Georgia, 1870. Online at the University of North Texas Libraries.

_________________, Early Times in Texas, Austin: H. P. N. Gammel & Co., vii, [9]-135, 253 pp., 20 cm, c1892. Dr. Barnard's corrected roll of Fannin's men, pp. [241]-253.

Field, Joseph E., Three Years in Texas: including a view of the Texan revolution, and an account of the principal battles, together with descriptions of the soil, commercial and agricultural advantages, &c./ by Joseph E. Field, one of the few survivors of Fanning's [sic] command, Boston: Abel Tompkins, 47 p., 21 cm, 1836.

Filísola, Vicente, Memorias para la historia de la guerra de Tejas, por el Sr. general de division ... Don Vicente Filisola,, Tip. de R. Rafael, Mexico, 2 v., 19 cm, 1848-1849. Translation: Memoirs for the history of the war in Texas, by Vincente Filísola, translated by Wallace Woolsey, Austin: Eakin Press, 2 v., port., 23cm, c1985.

Johnson, Francis W., narrative of Urrea's attack at San Patricio, in Baker 1875, pp.80-82.

Linn, John J., Reminiscences of Fifty Years in Texas, New York: D. & J. Sadlier Co., 369 p., plates, 2 port., 19 cm, 1883.

Mahan, Phineas Jenks, Goliad narratives, MDS, Texas State Library and Archives; Reminiscences of the War for Texas Independence, Houston, 1872.

Shackelford, Dr. Jack, biography, in Early Settlers of Alabama, James Edmonds Saunders, New Orleans: L. Graham & Son, Ltd., Printers, pp.207-213, 1899. Includes organizational roll of Shackelford's company.

Smith, Thomas J., narrative of 1883, condensed in Brown's History of Texas, v. I, p. 627-628, note, 1892.

Urrea, José, Diàrio de las Operaciones Militares ... en la Campaña de Tejas, Victoria de Durango, Impr. del gobierno a cargo de M. Gonzalez, 136 p., 21 cm, 1838.

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