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Fannin's cmd. at the time of the massacre." John Huff received bounty warrant No. 9159 for 320 acres from the secretary of war on May 21, 1839, for "service from the 15th day of October, 1835 to the 15th day of January 1836." This warrant was not surveyed and there is no GLO File for it. The source for the above information is "Record of Certificates Approved (All Classes) by the Court of Claims," page 329. This volume is a manuscript in the General Land Office. John Huff also received bounty warrant No. 1348 for 320 acres from the adjutant general on August 26, 1853. This warrant may be a duplicate of No. 9159 but it does not so state. Neither is the service given on the duplicate warrant. Source: GLO File Houston Bounty No. 184.

KING, M. P., or KING, M. B. - Davenport has a Montgomery B. King while the Almanac has M. P. King. GLO File Travis Donation No. 364 has donation certificate No. 445 issued to the heirs of M. P. King on July 22, 1852, for "his having fallen with Fannin." GLO File Travis Bounty No. 365 has bounty warrant No. 1134 for 1920 acres issued to the heirs of M. P. King on July 21, 1852, for "service from the 2nd day of November, 1835 to the 29th day of February 1836 and having fallen at Goliad."

MANGUM, AARON S. - This name is listed on page 90 of the Almanac list as a member of Captain Winn's Company. Davenport omits this name. GLO File Fannin Donation No. 1521 contains Special Act Certificate No. 14/21 issued to Aaron S. Mangum by the commissioner of the General Land Office on May 29, 1873. The Special Act Certificate does not show the service, but the special act as found in Gammel (comp.), Laws of Texas, VII, 1338, states that he served "from November 1, 1835 until after San Jacinto." GLO Veteran Donation File No. 907 (these files are separate and distinct from the regular General Land Office Files) has a sworn statement made by Aaron S. Mangum before County Judge S. D. Steedman on April 16, 1881, that he joined the Georgia Battalion and marched to Texas from Macon, Georgia, and arrived at Velasco in the autumn of 1835, and was in Captain Winn's Company and served until after San Jacinto. The Land Office Muster Roll shows Aaron S. Mangum as a member of Cap-

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