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Fannin's Men: Some Additions to Rosters527

DAVIS, PERRY, and/or DAVIS, O. H. P. - On the Almanac list is found only a "Perry Davis." Davenport lists an "O. H. Perry Davis." General Land Office records have grants to a "Perry Davis," and to "O. H. P. Davis." The Almanac says of Perry Davis that he "escaped from Col. Ward's division on the retreat of the 16th." Davenport says of O. H. Perry Davis that he was "part of the water party which escaped." GLO File Bexar Bounty No. 1309 has bounty warrant No. 8003 issued to Perry Davis by the secretary of war on February 2, 1839, for "service from the 17th day of December 1835 to the 25th day of September 1836." GLO File Fannin Donation No. 802 has donation certificate No. 807 issued to Perry Davis "for having fought at the battle of Coleto." GLO File Fannin Bounty No. 1230 has bounty warrant No. 181 for 960 acres issued to the heirs of O. H. P. Davis for "having fallen with Fannin." GLO File Fannin Donation No. 1224 has donation certificate No. 51 for 640 acres issued by Comptroller C. R. Johns on October 20, 1859, to the heirs of O. H. P. Davis and the certificate reads in part, "in consideration of said Davis having fallen with Fannin in 1836." Conclusion: Land Office records are consistent in showing both a Perry Davis and an O. H. P. Davis as being with Fannin. Their records indicate that Perry Davis was not in the massacre but served until September 25, 1836, and that O. H. P. Davis fell in the massacre.

DEMBRINSKE, DEMBRISKIE, OR DEBICKI, N. - The Almanac has a "Dembrinske, N." Davenport has "Debicki, N." GLO File Fannin Bounty No. 1343 1/2 and Bexar Donation File No. 884 both have the name as "N. Dembriskie." The three variations in the spelling of the name likely refer to the same individual.

DICKSON, HENRY, or DIXON, HENRY - The Almanac gives the name as "Dixon, Henry," while Davenport gives it as "Dickson, Henry." GLO File Fannin Bounty No. 879 has the name as "Dixon, Henry," which agrees with the Almanac listing.

HUFF, JOHN - This name is not listed on the Almanac list nor the Davenport list. GLO File Gonzales Donation No. 166 has donation certificate No. 514 for 640 acres issued to John Huff by the adjutant general on August 26, 1853, "for having been with

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