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Fannin's Men: Some Additions to Rosters523

piled from Land Office records. This list is not so complete as the Davenport one for the reason that not all of the heirs of those who fell with Colonel Fannin applied for and received land grants. Nevertheless, the new roll made from Land Office records contains the names of eleven men who are not included in the Texas Almanac list nor the Davenport list. The names of these men are as follows: Joseph S. A. Acklin, Green B. Buchanan, James Caruthers, Thomas H. Conley, John Huff, Andrew J. Miller, G. S. Park, T. C. Powell, James M. Robinson, G. D. Spotswood, and William W. Yearly. Six men that are included in the Almanac list but who were omitted from the Davenport list are shown by the Land Office documents to have been members of Fannin's command. This report has ten other names which, either in the spelling of the surnames or in the given names or initials, differ from the names on the Almanac and Davenport lists only slightly and quite likely are variants of the names carried on the two older lists.

Besides the General Land Office (hereafter cited as GLO) Bounty and Donation Files, the GLO Muster Roll and certain Court of Claims records, all of which are in the Land Office, were used for this study. As stated above, this list of Fannin's men is by no means intended to be a complete roster, but is offered as a contribution and as an addition to the extensive research which has already been done on the subject.

Here follows, in annotated form, the additions and variations to the two other lists. Land Office sources are cited for each name included.

AARONS, ALLISON - Davenport has "Ames, Allison": In the Texas Almanac this name is given as "Arms, Allison"; therein he is carried as a member of Captain Uriah J. Bullock's Company. In the GLO Muster Roll, on page 6, the name is listed as "Aarons, Allison." In GLO File Milam Donation No. 773 is donation certificate No. 335 issued to the heirs of Allison Aarons on June 17, 1851. In GLO File Fannin Bounty No. 432 is bounty warrant No. 871 for 1920 acres issued to the heirs of Allison Aarons for "his having fallen with Fannin."

ACKLIN, JOSEPH S. A. - This name does not appear on the Almanac or Davenport lists. In GLO File Liberty Donation No. 211

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